Waterman Preface Gold Plated, Preface 18K Medium, inked with Montblanc Alfred Hitchcock Red

The tackiest looking pen I have ever owned. I hated the look of this gold plated Waterman Preface so much that I actually considered not buying it - for a compulsive, completist collector  like myself that is saying something. I have no problem with the sterling silver version but this is just too much - yuk.

I really need to clean my nibs better than this. A medium, it writes, enough said.

The Alfred Hitchcock comes in the little cubed Montblanc bottle - I find them so cute.

This red ink entered my collection in August 2012 and has been used four times since then. I hold this ink up as one of the better blood reds in my collection. I happily used this ink all day at the office today but do get a few looks and comments while marked up a co-worker's document with it.

Waterman Preface Red, Preface 18K Medium, inked with Diamine Damson

Yes, as noted last year I returned three of Waterman Preface model pens to use to allow me to clear the logjam of colourful Noodler's inks at the top of my ink table. I enjoyed those three pens so much I reactived the other nine as well.

There is not much more that I can say other than I like an enamelled pen in red.

A medium nib, writes well.

As I mentioned in my last post the change in algorithm has brought to the top a few lessor (in terms of quantity of their ink that I own) ink manufacturers. Diamine is not one of those, being second on the list behind Noodler's. Its been a while since I have had many Diamines in rotation - they are general great inks with super boring bottles.

Damson entered my collection in May 2011 and was last in my rotation in July 2014 - so it has been a while. It is a very nice dusty violet colour that reminds me a lot of R&K Scabiosa. There is no shading or sheen to be seen from this medium nib and if anything I would say this ink is on the dry side. I use Tomoe River paper so a dry ink is not necessarily a negative.

Waterman Preface Escapist Green, Preface 18K Medium, inked with De Atramentis Strawberry

Yep another green Waterman Preface, this one goes by the delightful name Escapist Green. 

Just like the other seven Preface Medium nibs I have.

Another scented De Atramentis ink - Strawberry Red - notice the typo on the label! Smells like the strawberry of cough medicine.

A little lighter than Noodler's Mary I (my last red), no shading in this sample. One of the few scented De Atramentis inks I have that retains the smell in the page.

Waterman Preface Green Marbled, Preface 18K Medium, inked with De Atramentis Steel Blue

Another of my Waterman Preface pens makes it way back into use. This is the Green Marbled version that seems to have only ever been sold in the US. As I have mentioned before it is thin and heavy due to being a brass body.

Another medium nib - well it is the most common size sold with fountain pens. I have expressed my dislike of medium in previous posts.

What not scented! I have bought so many of the scented De Atramentis inks of late that when I came to use this one I automatically smelt the bottle.

A different take on blue. The writing sample doesn't really show it but this ink shades quite well. I like this shade of blue - nice.

Waterman Preface Gold Plated, Preface 18K Medium, inked with De Atramentis Bamboo

Two posts ago I mentioned that I thought this version of the Preface was crass. Well it is but that is not going to stop me using it. This pen is identical the Silver Plated version except that it is Gold Plated. 

Another of my eight Preface Medium nibs - this one I adjusted to be wetter than the norm, so it is a favourite amongst them.

I am back to the De Atramentis inks - I seem to have developed a taste for this brand. The De Atramentis bottle is a good shape for filling pens - squat, with nice wide base and mouth.

I am not certain what bamboo is supposed to smell like - the scent of this ink is what I would describe as "grassy". I like the colour of Bamboo - a muted shade of green - I am not a huge fan of bright greens.

Waterman Preface Silver Plated, Preface 18K Medium, inked with Montblanc Bordeaux

Yes, yet another one of my twelve versions of the Waterman Preface enters rotation. The Sterling Silver Plated features a textured barrel and cap that improves the look of this pen greatly. The silver barrel and gold trim make for a classy looking pen. I also have a totally gold plated version that is a bit over the top and slightly crass to my sensibilities.

An 18K Gold Medium nib that it short and very stiff. I suspect that the stiffness was to allow this nib to be used successfully with multi-page carbon paper as this nib style can be seen on Waterman pens back to the 1970s.

Montblanc have a Burgundy ink in their standard range but this is the older ink from the 2000's that was called Bordeaux. I strangely don't own the Burgundy ink to check if they are the same colour but different name like they did when they renamed Violet to Lavender Purple. The bottle is the older rounded 50ml shoe shaped one as apposed to the current 60ml squared off side version.

Best before January 2013! I don't think it contains dairy so I should be OK.

A nice burgundy ink that is suitable for the office, being a wine lover I am always up for an ink that reminds me of a good drop or red.