Pelikan M400 Black/Green Striated, M250 14K 0.9mm CI, inked with Robert Oster Signature Sydney 2018 Lavender

I am still partial ignoring my database's recommendations when it comes to the next combination into rotation. I wanted to use the ink I received at the Sydney Pen Show in a broad nib and my database was offering a fine nib so I again went off script.

I don't mind as I always enjoy using my little M400 Black/Green Striated pen. It is pocketable and is such a classic Pelikan.


The broad nib I chose is another of my many Richard Binder custom grinds - this, a 0.9mm cursive italic on a M250 model nib.


The special Sydney 2018 show ink made by Robert Oster is called Lavender. I received a bottle free as I was within the first 100 to buy tickets and I bought a second bottle on the off chance one of my pen group members would like a bottle. However it is not a show exclusive as this colour will become available as part of the general range in the near future.


I will say at the outset that the images below do not give the full picture of the colour range of this ink as my scanner struggles to reproduce accurately some tones in the violet range. The actual writing samples show a range of shading and a different colour in the dark parts of the letters. These writing samples were done on 52gsm Tomoe River and I feel that I need to try this ink on other paper-stock to see how it performs. I am currently undecided as to whether I like this ink or not.