Pelikan M620 Madrid, M620 18K Extra Fine, inked with Pilot iroshizuku syo-ro

I love the look of this ruby red with grey and black marble effect pen. It is definitely the favourite red pen of my collection.


I seem to be only getting fine nibs into rotation of late. I didn’t realise I owned that many fine and extra-fine nibs. This nib an M620 18K extra-fine is actually the nib that came with the M620 Madrid pen and has been in my possession for six and a half years. This is the first time they have been back together since their first use in April 2012.


This beautiful ink was my first Pilot iroshizuku and was added to my collection just over eight years ago. The name syo-ro means pine needle dew, and I class this ink colour in the blue-blacks. This extra fine nib doesn’t show it at its best, but it does shade from broader nibs and will sheen red on Tomoe River paper.