Pelikan M605 Marine Blue Special Edition, M600 14K 0.7mm CI, inked with Pilot iroshizuku ajisai

The M605 Marine Blue is one of my two M600 size blue demonstrators. I think this one is the better looking of the two due its silver (rhodium) furnishings. 


I own three Richard Binder ground 0.7mm cursive italics, one is a M250 nib, one is a M800 nib and this one, modified from a M600 medium nib. The 0.7mm line width is the sweet spot for my normal writing size. This nib is a joy to use and makes my writing look good. 


Ajisai which is Japanese for hydrangea is lovely blue colour that shades slightly but doesn't appear to sheen. 


Pelikan M800 Blue o' blue Special Edition, M800 18K 0.7mm CI, inked with Pilot iroshizuku ajisai

The Blue o' blue Special Edition was the first M800 series pen to enter my collection. It ranks just behind the Tortoiseshell Brown in terms of my overall favouritism, but is probably the prettiest M800 I own. Since March 2011 it has passed through my rotation fifteen times.

The nib of course is a Richard Binder grind from a medium into a 0.7mm Cursive Italic. This nib is a joy to use and makes my handwriting semi-interesting.

The ink is iroshizuku ajisai (ajisai being Japanese for Hydrangea) is lovely blue that unsurprisingly echoes the colour of the flower. 

The nib makes the ink more interesting than it would normally be. A nice inoffensive colour that is often over-shadowed by the more illustrious iroshizuku shades.