Pen additions to my collection - 2018

I added ten more pens to my collection in 2018, an increase of one from 2017’s nine.


The continuation of Pelikan’s white M600 special edition series, this time in Turquoise was the first purchase of the year.


I don’t usually collect the M200 series of pens, but a silver trimmed clear demonstrator was too nice to pass up; so my second addition was the M205 Demonstrator SE.


My third addition for the year was love at first sight purchase. The M120 Iconic Blue Special Edition so attracted me by its simplicity and shape.


After getting the Iconic Blue and being a completist, I had to seek out the first of the M120 release pens. So my fourth new addition was the first that was not a 2018 release - the M120 Green/Black Special Edition.


The M320 Jade Green SE was the last of the M300 pens I needed for the set. This pen is the closest I have had to a grail pen as they are scarce. I bought this one from Japan at an extravagant price to become my fifth pen purchase for the year.


The M815 Metal Striped SE was a bolt from the blue as there were no previous rumours about this pen before it was officially released. I am so on the train of striped pens so this one becomes my sixth addition of the year.


This pen was a spare of the moment, FOMO, completest extravagance. I had gotten the Royal Gold LE in 2017 for my milestone (50th) birthday, but I had no such excuse this year. I got a call from my local pen shop to say that there were only two of this model coming to Australia via the distributor and one had already been spoken for, they needed an answer. I said yes to the M805 Royal Platinum Raden LE working on the theory that it was easier to beg forgiveness from my wife than ask for permission to spend a sizeable amount of cash on another pen. (I was in her bad books for weeks).


My eighth addition for the year was the M800 Stone Garden SE - a nice pen.


The very bright and sunny M600 Vibrant Orange SE become the ninth purchase for the year. I am in love with this pen but was slightly disappointed that it wasn’t closer in colour to my M320 Orange Marbled.


My tenth (and last) pen for the year arrived less than three hours ago at 2 pm on the 31st December 2018 - the M805 Dark Blue. This pen was an eBay purchase to add to the M605 Dark Blue I already have in my collection, and I have an M405 version in transit from Germany to complete the set.


So that’s the year in pen purchases for me: seven 2018 release pens, one new 2016 release pen and two older pens sourced on the secondary market.

My favourite - It is hard to go past the M805 Royal Platinum Raden LE, the “silver” of the platinum allows for a superb display of rainbow of colours from the raden. Second place is a tie between the M320 Jade Green and the M600 Vibrant Orange, both are so bright and “happy”. Least favourite - M800 Stone Garden.

Pelikan M815 Metal Striped Special Edition, M800 18K Italic Broad, inked with Diamine Tchaikovsky

The M815 Metal Striped makes its second appearance in the rotation; it has taken just over 4 ½ months for it to get to the top of my selections. I still find this pen to be very classy and weighty - I had forgotten that the body was 25% heavier than a standard M800.


This nib is possibly one of my favourite factory Pelikan nibs I own. It came into my collection 7 ¾ years ago and still writes with a deliciously broad wet line.


I am not sure what the composer Tchaikovsky has to do with the colour dark blue, but I don’t care. Diamine Tchaikovsky is a lovely deep dark blue that shades from this nib and sheens red where I have paused in the ligatures.


Pelikan M815 Metal Striped Special Edition, M805 18K Medium, inked with Montegrappa Black

Pelikan number 65 made its way into my collection yesterday. Formally called the M815 Metal Striped Special Edition, this pen is an interesting beast. I say beast because it is heavy. I weighed it on my digital kitchen scales and it comes in at 37 grams capped, as a reference my M805 Stresemann weighs just 30 grams. All the extra weight is in the body as the cap is identical to a normal M800 one. Why? Well those stripes are inlayed, with palladium plated brass. Notably all the other 'furniture' on this pen is also palladium plated. In the hand the extra weigh is not a drawback but rather an advantage as it makes the pen feel more solid and correct. I really like the way Pelikan has gone with the design of this pen.


This pen comes standard with a full rhodium plated 18K gold nib. I chose to get a medium width not because I particularly like the size but it was the only size left for me to get to complete my set of all available sizes in M805 rhodium plated. Whilst I am not a fan of medium this is a very good nib, smooth, wet, but with not an overly wide line. This an enjoyable nib straight out of the box.


I felt I only had the choice of a black or grey for the ink colour to suit this pen. In the end I chose Montegrappa Black. There is not much I can say about this ink other than it is a nice workmanlike black. 


The M805 Stresemann and the M815 Metal Striped SE.