Pelikan M805 Black, M805 18K Extra Fine, inked with Noodler's Fox Red

This M805 Black with silver trim pen is back in use again so soon as the top of my ink selection is dominated with more dangerous inks and this it is one of a limited number of pens that I use with these inks.


This nib is back for a second consecutive use with together being in use in late August. One of my few true extra fine nibs. Its line is possibly too thin for my normal handwriting.


Noodler’s Fox Red ink is so dry. I swabbed this ink today, and it ran out of ink flow halfway through my waves. This particular ink has to be one of the most boring inks I own. It does have its advantages, being eternal it is waterproof, UV proof and resistant to chemicals. It is unlikely to come off paper once it is dry.


Pelikan M805 Black, M805 18K Extra Fine, inked with Rohrer & Klingner Verdura

This M805 Black with silver trim pen had had a pretty hard life before it entered my collection. It shows some tarnish on the clip. I really don't care that it is not pristine, it still holds ink and works perfectly.


This full rhodium trim nib entered my collection with my Stresemann in 2016 and it is a true extra fine. These days it is possibly too fine for the size of handwriting that is my norm. It flows well and very smooth. I wish Pelikan could produce all their nibs like this one.


Verdura is pretty true green that make me happy just looking at it. The extra fine nib doesn't allow this ink much of a chance to shine. It does shade but I could not discern any sheen.


Pelikan M805 Black/Silver, M800 18K Fine, inked with Noodler's Raven Black

It's black all the way down, and no I didn't fudge my database to include a black ink with this black and silver pen.

I like older Pelikan M800 nibs, this particular fine nib has more character than my newer nibs, it displays some line variation between vertical and horizontal strokes.

The typical glass 3oz (90ml) Noodler's bottle. It has a relatively simple two sided label. As mentioned in my post on receiving this bottle the name and imagery of this ink is taken from the Edgar Allan Poe poem "The Raven".

A black ink will never be my favourite as I like shading inks too much but this is a good black black that looks classy from this nib.