Pelikan M805 Ocean Swirl Special Edition, M805 18K Fine, inked with Montblanc Heritage Spider Metamorphosis Web Grey

Only two pens ago I made comment that the M805 Ocean Swirl is possibly my new favourite and now it is back in use.


I was hoping for a broader nib for the first time out of the Web Grey but I go by what the database tells me so it is a fine nib. This full rhodium plated 18K gold fine came into my collection with my Vibrant Blue pen and it is a decent nib.


Heritage Spider Metamorphosis Web Grey to give it its full name is a very light grey ink (at least from this fine nib). It reminds me a lot of kiri-same from the Pilot iroshizuku range. I intend to use it across a range of papers over the next 14 days but at the moment it is not doing much for me.


Pelikan M805 Stresemann Anthracite, M805 18K Fine, inked with Diamine Tulip

A statement of understatement. The big boy Stresemann has become to my mind the new classic Pelikan model. I think it is the silver coloured rather than gold trim that makes it so attractive. I have read comments on social media saying that Pelikan should make a version in the M1000 size, I agree it was be great and I would buy one even though I find that size too big for me.


A silver trimmed pen needs a single tone silver coloured nib.


Another of Diamine flower series inks. The squat bottle is deep enough to allow filling of this plunger filled pen.


The fine nib does nothing for this bright red ink. Living in a sub-tropical climate I have never seen a red tulip in real life but this ink colour seems true to the flowers on the label.


Pelikan M805 Vibrant Blue Special Edition, M805 18K Fine, inked with Diamine Royal Blue

I own some very pretty Pelikans but the adding of the M805 Vibrant Blue takes the bar to new high. This is one Wow pen. 

This rhodium plated 18K Fine nib is OK, not great, just OK. It has no obvious flaws but I find it uninspiring. I have made a note to reflect on it more when it is next in use in 9 months time.

The standard Diamine bottle - moving right along.

It has been two years since I have used this ink. (Such are the negatives of owning over 300 inks). It was a great colour match to the pen colour being a nice mid-blue, a good journeyman colour without being special.