Pelikan M800 Renaissance Brown Special Edition, M800 18K Medium, inked with Kyo No Oto No.05 Aonibi

This pen has grown on me over the 15 months I have had it - I now really like the whisky brown cracked ice pattern.


This nib arrived in my collection in M800 Royal Gold Raden - it is a slightly uninspiring medium that I feel writes a bit drier than some of my other nibs. I should get it adjusted at some stage.


The second of Kyo No Oto inks the enter rotation. I will probably get the other five colours available at some stage soon.


I don't know if it is the nib or the ink or both but I am underwhelmed by this ink's colour. It is a pretty standard blue-black. These inks are supposed to made with traditional dyes so I am possibly wanting more than a nice watercolour look.


Pelikan M800 Renaissance Brown Special Edition, M800 18K BB, inked with Robert Oster Signature Chocolate

We are just eleven days out from the 2017 Pelikan Hubs. This year I will be attending the gathering in Sydney rather than the one in my hometown of Brisbane. Unfortunately I will be travelling through multiple cities before and after the night of the 22nd so I will only have my inked up pens with me.  The first pen I will have with me on the night is this one - this year's Special Edition, the M800 Renaissance Brown. I have previously described this pen's material as a translucent scotch whisky brown in a 'cracked ice' style. It is certainly more restrained that most of my other M800 Special Editions but I like it.


This pen was purchased with an Italic Broad stub but for this time in use I swapped it out and replaced it with the double broad from my M800 Burnt Orange. This is not the most exciting nib - it is not a stubby BB but has a big round tip. On the plus side it is smooth and lays down a wet line.


I am almost getting to the end of the "yet to be used" Robert Oster inks in my collection. I have 30 of his inks - I think he has over 70 shades available now. He releases new shades quicker than I can buy them.


A very chocolate brown - makes me hungry.


This ink is very chocolate brown, shades OK from this BB but probably would be better from an italic nib. I did attempt to match pen colour and ink colour. I didn't really succeed but they don't totally clash either.