Pelikan M800 Grand Place Special Edition, M800 18K Fine, inked with Diamine Graphite

The M800 Grand Place is handsome looking pen. The shade of brown, caramel with a blue ringed highlight really make for an intriguing pattern. 


Just a garden variety M800 18K Fine nib. It is a recent model and therefore writes with a wet, smooth but not very thin line. 


Diamine Graphite is pretty much what you see is what you get. It is a dark grey colour with slight shading and no sheen at all. Not the most exciting colour in the world.


Pelikan M800 Black/Green Striated, M800 18K Fine, inked with Levenger Fireball

A comment in a Facebook group last week made me think about what my favourite size of Pelikan pen. I decided that I can’t really choose between the M600 size and the M800 size; both have their pros and cons. On this occasion, I get to ink up one of my classic black/green striated pens in M800 size.


I really dislike this nib. It is smooth, and ink flows well, but it is a liar. It has the letter F inscribed on this nib, but it writes like a broad (B). I received this nib with the M800 Grand Place SE and was warned at the time that the nib was broad.


I can’t even remember where this ink came from, I think it was thrown in with one of the pens I bought off eBay. It is a pretty ordinary colour being a shade of orange-red without shading or sheen.


Pelikan M800 Black/Red Striated, M800 18K Fine, inked with Noodler's FPN Dumas Tulipe Noire

The first pen from the standard range for a while. This Black/Red Striated model came in M400 and M600 sizes as well, but I only own this the M800. I am a fan of the colour red, and by extension red pens, so it is my aim one day to add this pen’s smaller siblings to my collection.


Another fine nib! I am getting a tad sick of all this fineness. This one was only in use four weeks ago in the M815 Wall Street LE is a lovely old nib that writes with a wet line.


I am slowly getting through my backlog of Noodler’s inks. This one was an exclusive release through the Fountain Pen Network (FPN) forum. It is a lovely burgundy colour that exhibits minimal shading from this fine nib.


Pelikan M800 Black, M800 18K Fine, inked with Noodler's Shah's Rose

The M800 in black with gold trim is a rather plain but serious pen. I added this pen to my collection some 5¾ years ago. Not much else to say about this pen other than it is a workhorse.


This nib came with this pen and this is the first time they have been back together since they were used for the first time in December 2012. This nib is quite fine being an old two chick nib and is quite wet.


Noodler’s Shah’s Rose is pretty fuchsia colour but lacks both shading or sheen from this fine nib.


Pelikan M815 Wall Street Limited Edition, M800 18K Fine, inked with Noodler's FPN Van Gogh Starry Night Blue

The original M815, the Wall Street Limited Edition not the recent Metal Striped Special Edition. It features a dark grey rather than black cap and a grey marbled barrel with a 24K gold plaque embedded in it to mirror those on the doors in Wall Street, otherwise this pen is pretty standard.


This is another of my older M800 two tone fine nibs that are actually fine. It writes like a modern Pelikan extra fine. It is a very nice flowing smooth nib.


Sometimes an ink can be unlucky and get inked up with a fine nib when it really needs a broad nib to show its true colours. This is the case with Noodler’s FPN Van Gogh Starry Night Blue. This ink looks black on the writing sample scans but in reality it is a very dark blue-black. Oh well maybe in three years this ink will score a broad stub.


Pelikan M800 Tortoiseshell Brown Special Edition, M800 18K Fine, inked with Pelikan Edelstein Sapphire

One of my favourites the big brown Tortie makes its way into rotation for the 14th time in the 5⅓ years I have owned it.


A fairly recently acquired M800 18K fine that writes pretty close to its sizing - though this nib is a tad dry for my liking.


I was in a pen buying lull on the weekend with nothing on the horizon till at least September, so while at a local pen shop I decided to continue my quest to acquire all of the Pelikan Edelstein inks. I was able to add this ink - the Sapphire, plus two others to my collection. I can't say that the line and colour of the Sapphire Blue is really doing much for me from this fine nib. It is a decent mid-blue but I have lots of decent mid-blues in my collection.


Pelikan M800 Black/Red Striated, M800 18K Fine, inked with De Atramentis Strawberry

I am all matchy, matchy today. Red pen, red ink. The pen is a M800 Black/Red Striated, one of the standard line that is/was available in M400, M600 and M800 sizes. I only have the M800 size but I really should seek out the other sizes this is a good looking pen.


This nib says F for Fine but to be honest it writes with a Broad sized line. I can't see anything wrong with the nib other than I think it has too much tipping. I bought it on my M800 Grand Place and was warned by the previous owner about it. I writes well but not like it says on the nib.


De Atramentis Strawberry (or Strawbwerry as the label typo says) is a nice bright red with no shading or sheen. I smells (even on the page) just like strawberry favoured sauce. 


Pelikan M800 Blue o' Blue Special Edition, M800 18K Fine, inked with Waterman Blue Black

This pen was the first M800 I bough way back in March 2011. The Blue o' Blue has since been over shadowed by the Vibrant Blue and Ocean Swirl but it was my favourite blue pen for years.


A lovely old M800 Fine nib that writes so well - I am probably harping by saying they don't make them like this these days.


This Waterman Blue-Black is the longest in use ink I own. I probably bought this bottle in the mid-2000s. It is the old formula that has a very distinctive smell to it. No real shading from this fine nib, but I can detect a tiny red sheen in a couple of places on the samples. This is the blue-black to which I compare all other blue-black inks.


Pelikan M800 Grand Place Special Edition

A major hole in my pen collection was filled today with the arrival of the M800 Grand Place, this pen while a 2016 Special Edition was not given global release but was only available in the US and from selected European vendors. It commanded a premium price and with the slump in Aussie dollar to the USD at the time it was a price too far for me. Fast forward to now and thanks to my fellow Aussie Yagan Kiely I was able add this pen to my collection.


I had the choice of Fine or Broad for the nib for this pen and I chose the fine as I have lots of broad M800 nibs. I was warned that this fine ran wide and boy does it. I have medium nibs way finer than this. It is so deliciously wet.


The Grand Place takes its name from the city square in Brussels and was originally used in the M620 City/Places series of pens. The M800 version while having the same name as the M620 does not use exactly the same material.

The M620 is definitely more copper coloured, where the M800 is straight brown. 


Pelikan M805 Clear Demonstrator Special Edition, M800 18K Fine, inked with Montblanc Midnight Blue

I had the hankering for a new pen this morning and an errand inthe city this afternoon gave me the opportunity to add Pelikan number 49 to my collection.

I have long agonised over the Pelikan M805 Clear Demonstrator Special Edition. Is it a beautiful crystal clear jewel with Palladium trim, or a very, very expensive TWSBI knockoff? I worried about it getting ink stained and the feel of the barrel being quite different to my other M800s.

At the end of the day I could not resist its call.


I had no choice of nib, but am happy enough to have another two-toned fine - the third in my collection of M800 nibs. I can't wait however to pair this pen with one of my two full rhodium plated nibs.

I ranked this pen a 1 (being only able to be used with my most trusted inks), so I had to look down the list past my many waiting Noodler's to find a trusted ink. The Montblanc Midnight Blue is deemed trustworthy of use. I do love their shoe-shaped bottles - so easy to fill a larger nib like the M800. 

Pelikan fine nibs aren't as fine as they used to be but this is a good wet writer that needed no adjustment. Montblanc Midnight Blue is a pretty decent Blue-Black that darkens when dry due to iron gall. Do I worry about the iron gall staining? No not really as it is pretty low in concentration and I will be cleaning it out in 12 days.

Pelikan M805 Black/Blue Striated, M800 18K Fine, inked with Noodler's 54th Massachusetts

Blue, black and silver (rhodium) trim is a great combination especially in this big M800 size. I really should buy the M600 and 400 versions as well - I can't resist a set!

This 18K fine is wet, possibly too wet and as a consequence writes broad for its size.

A feature that attracts me to Noodler's ink is the label art and the 54th Massachusetts is no exception. It is way too detailed even for my bottle image.

I always shake my bottles of ink before use, initially with this one I didn't and the colour of ink was very much like Noodler's Blue Nose Bear. Take two, the result was the Blue-Black shade that I expected. This ink is Bulletproof which means it is waterproof, UV fade proof, forge proof and archival.

Pelikan M805 Black/Silver, M800 18K Fine, inked with Noodler's Raven Black

It's black all the way down, and no I didn't fudge my database to include a black ink with this black and silver pen.

I like older Pelikan M800 nibs, this particular fine nib has more character than my newer nibs, it displays some line variation between vertical and horizontal strokes.

The typical glass 3oz (90ml) Noodler's bottle. It has a relatively simple two sided label. As mentioned in my post on receiving this bottle the name and imagery of this ink is taken from the Edgar Allan Poe poem "The Raven".

A black ink will never be my favourite as I like shading inks too much but this is a good black black that looks classy from this nib.