Pelikan M805 Dark Blue, M800 18K 1.5mm Stub, inked with Kyo No Oto No.02 imayouiro

This pen, the latest addition to my collection only arrived at 2 pm today. I had been looking for an M805 Dark Blue to go with the M605 version that has been in my possession for a couple of years.


I was fortunate that this pen came with not one but two John Mottishaw nibs. This one is a triple broad nib converted into a stub with a line width of about 1.5mm. The other nib is a 0.7mm CI. This nib is quite old indicated by the two chicks and the markings. It writes superbly.


Kyo No Oto No.2 imayouiro is named for the Safflower which is a thistle with an orange flower that was used to make a pink ink. This ink reminds me of iroshizuku kosumuso. It is a lovely shading pink ink. This is my final pen rotation for 2018. Roll on 2019.