Pelikan M620 Shanghai, M600 14K Medium, inked with Diamine Händel

Until I received my M600 Vibrant Orange during the week, this pen was my only M600 that contained any orange colour. The Shanghai is very colourful with translucent stripes of orange and candy red around the barrel and cap.


There is nothing much to say about the M600 14K two-tone medium nib besides it writes well, not much more you can ask for from a nib.


I seem to be in the middle of a Diamine patch at the moment; it is the second largest by the number of inks in my collection, so it is not too strange to have a few of them in use together. Diamine Händel is from the Music set of inks and is a lovely Aubergine shade; it is a classy colour that goes well at the office.


Pelikan M620 Shanghai, M620 18K Fine, inked with Noodler's Bernanke Black

One of the prettiest pens I own. Enough said.


A good wet older 18K Fine nib - writes well.


I have said several times before black is the most boring colour of ink for a fountain pen fan. No shading, no sheen just blackness from top to bottom. This ink is supposed to dry fast - still took a minute on 52gsm Tomoe River paper.


Pelikan M620 Shanghai, M620 18K Medium, inked with Diamine 150 Years Blood Orange

The M620 Shanghai is a pretty, pretty pen and a good match for this ink colour, not much more to say.


Another of my many (I own 5) M600 18K medium nibs, this one is finer than a modern medium but not by as much as some of the others I own. Writes well which is all that really matters.


The Diamine 150 years bottle are some of the more interesting shaped I own. It is difficult to see from the image but it is shaped like a cake slice (triangular with a rounded short side). Fitting all eight of them together (point in) forms a circle.


Yes looks like the colour of a blood orange flesh.


I was hoping for a bit more shading but the interesting orange-red colour makes up for it.


Pelikan M620 Shanghai, M620 18K Fine, inked with Akkerman Passage Blauw #1

It's not had to see why the M620 Shanghai is one of my favourite City Series pens. The banding of red and orange colours around the barrel is so beautiful. It has been in my collection for almost five years.


A M620 nib so 18K gold, though I can't tell any difference between these and the standard 14K nibs. By chance this is the very nib that came with the Shanghai pen so these two haven't been used together since it's first rotation in March 2012.

These faceted Akkerman bottles make for stunning ink bottle images.

Passage Blauw #1 is a pretty nice bright blue that really pops off the page. It exhibits ok shading from this fine nib and therefore expect it would shade really well from a broad or italic nib.

Pelikan M620 Shanghai, M620 18K Medium, inked with Rohrer & Klingner Magenta

The Shanghai reminds me of colourful Chinese lanterns - that was probably Pelikan's thought as well. The pen is semi-transparent making it easy to see the ink level. A beautiful pen from a series of beautiful pens. I am very OCD about getting banding on the cap to line up with that of the barrel.  

An 18K gold medium that orginally came with my Chicago pen. It is wet but is a bit of a hard starter with this ink. One to get looked at someday.

Rohrer & Klingner inks come in little round 50ml bottles that I find quite cute. The label is all business with the ink name in three languages (English, German and French) and the colour inside being featured around the edges of the label.

Yep very magenta, very saturated so no shading from this medium nib. A very bright pretty colour but ultimately boring. It will very colourful in my work journal and I will probably get a few comments about it if I use it in a meeting.