Pelikan M620 Athens, M620 18K Fine, inked with Sailor Jentle Epinard

The M620 Athens is such a pretty pen. The combination of the blue and light green longitudinal stripes make for an interesting contrast.


My M620 18K nibs are in the main excellent writers and this fine is no exception.


Sailor Epinard is a khaki green that while shading little, and lacking any sheen still holds my interest. It might be the smell - Sailor inks have a very distinctive chemical smell which strangely I have anyways liked.


Pelikan M620 Athens, M600 14K Medium, inked with Montblanc Swan Illusion Plume

One of prettiest M620 pens comes back into use. I love the blue and yellow-green bands of colour on the Athens. The cap and barrel colours never line up - The lack of symmetry irks me greatly.


A nice old 14K medium nib that writes well and never gives trouble.


Swan Illusion Plume is a weird name for an ink. But a quick google explained it all. This ink is from the "Patron of the Arts" series and is dedicated the Ludwig II, who was known of the Swan King. His early life is said to inspire the ballet Swan Lake. The colour of ink is inspired by the colour of swam plumage.


The label on the bottom of the bottle of this ink describes the colour as taupe. What colour is taupe? Greyish brown or brownish grey, or something like that?  I didn't expect to like this colour but I actually do, it is so different to almost any other colour of ink that I own. It shades nicely and gives a very nice "watercolour" look. I reckon it is more of a light taupe... 


Pelikan M620 Athens, M605 14K Fine, inked with Bookbinders Snake Ink Red-Belly Black

The blue-green-yellow banding makes for a very good looking pen. Though I expect to spend half my time trying to get the cap and body bands to align. Darn OCD.


The silver trim of the Athens allows me to use the full rhodium plate fine nib that came with my M605 Transparent White pen late last year. This nib is a nice wet writer.


Black must be the most boring ink colour that I own. No shading, no sheen, just a consistent black line time after time.


Pelikan M620 Athens, M605 14K Extra Fine, inked with Franklin-Christoph Tenebris Purpuratum 276

The Athens City Series pen is a chameleon in that depending on how the pen lies you get see more or less blue and yellow banding on the cap and barrel. This is one of only three of the twelve M620 pens that feature silver rather than gold trim. All in all a beautiful pen.

This rhodium plated 14K gold extra fine nib came with M605 Blue Marine and its wholly silver-like colouring complements the silver trim on the pen. A nice wet extra fine nib, smooth and well behaved.

Tenebris Purpuratum - its latin. I had to resort to Google for more of a clue. Tenebris is a style of painting where one figure is highlighted in a scene and the rest is in darkness. References to Purpuratum appear to be for a species of orchid or a beetle. Well I am no more enlightened - pun intended.

A nice dark purple bordering on aubergine. Flows well, is dark enough for formal use, and shades slightly from this fine wet nib.