Pelikan M605 White Transparent Special Edition, M620 18K Medium, inked with Pelikan Fount India Black

I am still not a fan of the look of this pen. The white and clear transparent is just in my opinion boring. I would have much rather a clear demonstrator than this design. Having said all that it is not about to be removed from the collection, so all my complaining is mute.


Another of my five M620 18K medium nibs, this one is not as good a writer as some of the others but mostly gets the job done.


The best a black ink can do in my opinion is to be dark and dense, and this black from Pelikan’s standard range achieves that.


Pelikan M620 Place de la Concorde, M620 18K Medium, inked with Diamine Cult Pens Iridescink Maureen

The M620 Place de la Concorde has some of the most subtle colourings of any of my Pelikan pens. It is also the only pen in my collection that features bands of colour around the barrel.


One of my many M620 18K medium nibs - I have five. They all write very well, but a medium nib is not the most exciting.


Well, it has taken 37 days but the second of Cult Pens Iridescinks - the Maureen has made into the rotation. Maureen is a dark blue ink that sheens red like crazy. My writing samples can’t do it justice. On 52gsm Tomoe River paper lettering with this ink tilted 45 degrees sheens total red.


Pelikan M620 Piccadilly Circus, M620 18K Medium, inked with Diamine Sepia

The M620 Piccadilly Circus is one of the more colourful Pelikan’s that I own. Pelikan is usually such a conservative company when it comes to their designs, but this is seriously out there.


This medium 18K M620 nib is the one that came with this pen. This combination is together only for the second time, and it has been almost seven years since their first use. Most of these old 18K M620 nibs write very well, and this one is no exception.


Diamine Sepia is a lovely light brown shade. Is it really sepia? - I thought sepia was supposed to be a few shades darker and more reddish. Oh well, this is still a good ink that shades very well.


Pelikan M600 Turquoise Special Edition, M620 18K Medium, inked with Rohrer & Klingner Aubergine Limited Edition 2018

M600 Turquoise Special Edition makes its third time into the rotation in the seven and a half months I have owned it. This pen is the second favourite to the Pink, and together they make a great couple.


Another of my many M620 18K Medium nibs, they all work well and are the most consistent across the board of all of my nibs.


This Rohrer and Klingner limited edition ink came in the standard sized bottle. It is a perfect size and shape for ease of filling.


I was hoping for more shading from this ink. It does shade but not much. This ink does sheen golden very faintly and may exhibit more sheen from a broader nib.


Pelikan M600 Pink Special Edition, M620 18K Medium, inked with Noodler's Midnight Blue

I love this pink pen; I probably say that every time it comes into rotation. But I do. It is still the best of the M600 white trim pens. It is just a fun pen to use, and I always get comments about it in the office.


This nib had a fault, its tines we slightly too far apart, which made for a hard starter and then a very wet broad line. Last night I decided to do something about it; I knew the technique to fix this, but I had never had the need actually to use it. It involves bending one tine down and the other up and then crossing them over one another to force the tines closer. It took a couple of attempts, but the tips of the tine were back to a gap that looked normal. All I had to do next was realign them vertically, and it should be good to go.


The fix on the nib worked well as the problem I had with it were gone. Noodler’s Midnight Blue is one of my oldest inks being in my collection for almost eight years. It is a rich dark blue that I enjoy, it shades very slightly from this medium nib, but there is no sheen to be seen.


Pelikan M620 Piccadilly Circus, M620 18K Medium, inked with Lamy Dark Lilac

The Piccadilly Circus is probably the most under-rated of the M620 Cities/Places series of pens. I wasn't a fan of its colour and pattern in the beginning but I have grown to like it.


One of my many old M620 18K Medium nibs. It writes well with a fine but wet line.


Dark Lilac was Lamy's special edition ink of 2016. It is a rich dark purple that does show slight shading from this fine medium. I really like this colour of ink and look forward to using it at the office during the week. 


Pelikan M600 Vibrant Green Special Edition, M620 18K Medium, inked with Waterman Florida Blue

I like a green pen and this is as green as they come. It is the perfect big brother to my recently addition, the M320 Jade Green.


An old 18K M620 medium nib that has a slight fault (or is it a feature). Its tines are slightly too far apart so can be a hard starter at times with certain inks but when it does write it is so so wet. I really should get it adjusted one day.


Waterman Florida Blue was the third ink I purchased since I started counting and currently the second oldest still in use. It is a good mid-blue that works in any pen, it doesn't have much in the way of shading but sheens red on Tomoe River paper. This ink has subsequently been rebranded to Serenity Blue.


This is the 1400 pen rotation since October 2010.

Pelikan M620 Stockholm, M620 18K Medium, inked with Omas Turquoise

Black and blue with silver flashes the M620 Stockholm is an interesting looking pen. It gets over shadowed in the M620 Cities series range by some of its more colourful brothers but I quite like it.


This a nice old 18K medium nib that just writes well.


I love a good Turquoise blue ink - they all shade beautifully and this Omas version is no exception.


Pelikan M600 Pink Special Edition, M620 18K Medium, inked with Rohrer & Klingner Sepia

This pen is my favourite of my four white capped M600s. I love the candy striped pattern of dark pink and clear.


An old M620 18K medium that writes finer than medium - this is not a bad thing! 


Rohrer & Klingner Sepia is a true to colour sepia that is otherwise not that exciting. A little shading and no sheen whatsoever. This shade will go well at the office as a different work safe ink.


Pelikan M600 Green o' Green Special Edition, M620 18K Medium, inked with Bookbinders Snake Ink Blue Coral

The M600 Green o' Green is one of more solemn M600 special editions that I own. I personally quite like its restrained colour and pattern.


This old 18K medium nib is problematic. It has a fault where the tines are slightly too wide apart that causes it to be a hard starter that gushes. Looking back at the history of use of this nib it has worked well with Noodler's inks (which tend to be drier). It has not worked well with this current ink.


This lovely blue ink is not shown at its best from this nib. This ink shades lovely but there is no sheen to be seen.


Pelikan M620 Shanghai, M620 18K Medium, inked with Diamine 150 Years Blood Orange

The M620 Shanghai is a pretty, pretty pen and a good match for this ink colour, not much more to say.


Another of my many (I own 5) M600 18K medium nibs, this one is finer than a modern medium but not by as much as some of the others I own. Writes well which is all that really matters.


The Diamine 150 years bottle are some of the more interesting shaped I own. It is difficult to see from the image but it is shaped like a cake slice (triangular with a rounded short side). Fitting all eight of them together (point in) forms a circle.


Yes looks like the colour of a blood orange flesh.


I was hoping for a bit more shading but the interesting orange-red colour makes up for it.


Pelikan M600 Blue Demonstrator, M620 18K Medium, inked with Franklin-Christoph Noir et Bleu

This M600 Blue Demonstrator was once broken check this post for the full story. 


The nib says M for medium but this older style (early 2000s) 18K nib writes like a modern fine.


Franklin-Christoph is one of my favourite manufacturers. While I am unlikely ever to own any of their pens I do buy all the ink releases and many of their pen cases. Franklin-Christoph sell their ink in a sensibly tall, wide mouthed bottle.


Noir et Bleu is french for black and blue. This ink leans more black than blue being very dark. No shading or sheen to be seen but I do like this ink. It is a serious ink for the office.


Pelikan M600 Black/Green Striated, M620 18K Medium, inked with Robert Oster Signature School Blue

The classic Pelikan colour combination in the nicest size for my hand. This particular pen is the third Pelikan I added to my collection arriving Christmas Eve 2010. It is the most used of my pens this being it's 24th time inked up.


This 18K medium arrived in my collection in the M620 Piazza Navona and has been used 14 times since then. It is quite a wet medium (even by Pelikan standards) and can be problematic with a wet ink.


I am full of praise the practicality of Robert Oster ink bottles. Tall with a wide mouth - perfect for large plunger filled pens. Plastic rather than glass to save weight on freight and the name and swab on the cap to enable ease of identification when in a draw. I really can't fault the packaging.


Another red sheening, shading dark blue ink from Robert Oster. I have five of his already that are so very similar to each other. A well performing ink on any paper but excels on 52gsm Tomoe River paper.

Pelikan M620 Shanghai, M620 18K Medium, inked with Rohrer & Klingner Magenta

The Shanghai reminds me of colourful Chinese lanterns - that was probably Pelikan's thought as well. The pen is semi-transparent making it easy to see the ink level. A beautiful pen from a series of beautiful pens. I am very OCD about getting banding on the cap to line up with that of the barrel.  

An 18K gold medium that orginally came with my Chicago pen. It is wet but is a bit of a hard starter with this ink. One to get looked at someday.

Rohrer & Klingner inks come in little round 50ml bottles that I find quite cute. The label is all business with the ink name in three languages (English, German and French) and the colour inside being featured around the edges of the label.

Yep very magenta, very saturated so no shading from this medium nib. A very bright pretty colour but ultimately boring. It will very colourful in my work journal and I will probably get a few comments about it if I use it in a meeting. 

Pelikan M600 Pink Special Edition, M620 18K Medium, inked with Pilot iroshizuku kosumosu

With St Valentine day being this Sunday I thought it was a good excuse to bring my Pelikan M600 Pink back into use. My initial thoughts on this pen was covered back in October 2015.

A M620 18K medium that arrived with my M620 Stockholm fountain pen. It is quite an old nib that seems to write slightly finer than my newer medium nibs.  

The classic iroshizuku bottle, clear glass to show off the ink colour inside.

Pilot iroshizuku kosumosu is very pretty pink. It shades pretty well and makes the for a good match to the pen.

Pelikan M620 Berlin, M620 18K Medium, inked with Visconti Black

My very pretty Pelikan M620 Berlin makes its seventh appearance in pen rotation since I bought it second-hand in September 2012 . Like it's kin the Stockholm, Madrid and Chicago, Berlin sports a semi-transparent marble effect patterned resin. Berlin's dominate colour is green - supposedly in recognition of the number parks and green spaces in the German city. 

Yet another of my 18K Medium nibs - I own five of this particular model - none of them write with the same line width. This one runs finer and is a bit dry, not my favourite nib as it can also be a hard starter.

The Italian manufacturer Visconti uses a distinctive bottle shape for their inks. While I love the look of this bottle it always worries me when I am filling a pen from it. The base is so small I fear it will tip over. I have most of the Visconti inks in glass bottles but I hear they are swapping over to plastic for all colours going forward. 

Despite owning 21 different bottles I am not a huge fan of black inks. I know that there is nothing as classy as a crisp black line on a white page but I would much rather use a dark grey that shades. Visconti Black however is good black black that does work well on the page.

Pelikan M600 Tortoiseshell White Special Edition, M620 18K Medium, inked with Aurora Blue

Into rotation comes a Pelikan that until I bought the M600 Pink this month was the most feminine in my collection. The M600 Tortoiseshell White like its little brother features white cap, nib section, and blind cap with a semi-transparent honey coloured tortoiseshell pattern barrel.

Another of M620 18K Gold nibs - I own heaps of these and the older they are, the finer they write. This could pass easily for a modern day fine.

The Aurora bottle is a good shape for dipping big nibs into fill. Though no dipping to fill today as I alway fill my white nib section Pelikans using a syringe.

The nib writes fine and Aurora Blue leans royal aka with a slight purple tinge. It is not my favourite blue by a long shot but it is a good, safe, everyday writing ink.

Pelikan M600 Ruby Red Special Edition, M620 18K Medium, inked with Waterman Purple

A Pelikan returns to my pen rotation after a break of three pens. The M600 Ruby Red Special Edition was released in September 2012 and I purchased it as soon as it was available so it returns to use just after its 3rd anniversary in my collection. My wife says that this pen's pattern reminds her of crushed roses and I take her word for it. The pattern is the same as the M320 Ruby Red  (which I also own). It is a beautiful pen but I say that about most of my Pelikans. :)

An 18K Gold M600 sized Medium nib which entered my collection with the M620 Piazza Navona. I have noticed no difference between a 14K and a 18K M600 nib in use - just more bling I guess on the special pens.

I started my ink collection with Waterman inks mainly because I owned Waterman pens and hadn't yet been exposed to the wide world of ink manufacturers. Waterman have since changed the name of their inks but the shape of the bottles remain the same. Apparently they will sit tilted over to allow filling when they are lower in ink but I have never been game to try. I sometimes have nightmares about spilling a bottle of ink on the carpet...

Waterman Purple is a good ink, very reliable, works with all pens, and easy to clean out. Enough said.