Pelikan M600 Green o' Green Special Edition, M600 14K 0.7mm CI, inked with Diamine Royal Blue

The Green o’ Green is one of my more modest looking M600 special editions. I do like the marble effect body with gold trim.


I bought this nib with the Green o’ Green almost seven years ago, back in the days when the Australian dollar was strong, and I thought nothing about getting a custom grind put on the nib at purchase. This nib, of course, is a Richard Binder grind and performs beautifully.


Diamine Royal Blue is a nice shade of blue, is it outstanding or special, no. This ink shades slightly with this stub nib, but I cannot see any shading at all.


Pelikan M600 Green o' Green Special Edition, M620 18K Medium, inked with Bookbinders Snake Ink Blue Coral

The M600 Green o' Green is one of more solemn M600 special editions that I own. I personally quite like its restrained colour and pattern.


This old 18K medium nib is problematic. It has a fault where the tines are slightly too wide apart that causes it to be a hard starter that gushes. Looking back at the history of use of this nib it has worked well with Noodler's inks (which tend to be drier). It has not worked well with this current ink.


This lovely blue ink is not shown at its best from this nib. This ink shades lovely but there is no sheen to be seen.


Seven in the Hand

Seven Pelikan pens inked up to start my working week.

Left to Right: M800 Black, M800 Grand Place SE, M600 Green o' Green SE, M620 Chicago, M620 Place de la Concorde, M415 Tortoiseshell Brown, M205 Yellow Demonstrator.


Pelikan M600 Green o' green Special Edition, M600 14K Medium, inked with Diamine Violet

Green o' green - a M600 sized green swirly patterned pen that is the little brother to the M800 Blue o' blue. It is not a flashy green like the M600 Vibrant Green - more business-like.

Just a plain-jane factory M600 14K Medium nib, it came with my first M600 pen in late-2010 and it writes pretty well.

Diamine Violet is a pretty true violet, a good free-flowing ink that writes very well without a great deal of shading.