Pelikan M600 Black, M600 14K EF Flexible, inked with Noodler's North African Violet

This M600 is the third black with gold trim Pelikan to enter my current rotation joining my M800 and M300 version. This size is my favourite as it is big enough to feel like you are not using a pocket pen but small enough to still fit in the average business shirt pocket.


I have two Richard Binder ground Extra Fine flexible nibs, one I bought new, a single tone gold M250 version, and this one that I bought on eBay which is a two-toned M600 version. This nib needed quite a lot of manipulation to get it to a stage where I was happy with its performance. I treat it like a soft nib, not a super flex nib.


North American Violet is one Noodler’s V-Mail series of ink that are supposed to be reproductions of World War II inks. Sounds like a good story. This is a lovely performing ink, shading well from the fine nib.


Pelikan M600 Black, M620 18K Fine, inked with Bookbinders Snake Ink Everglades Ratsnake

Back to my workhorse pens - A M600 in Black with gold trim. Not the flashiest but it works well.


Another one of many M620 18K nibs, this time a Fine. Writes with a thin wet line. I wish all my fine  nibs would write like this.


This ink was more exciting back in 2016 when I first used it - a 0.9mm CI nib may have had something to do with it. From this fine nib it shows a mainly orange colour, with a touch of shading here and there. 


Pelikan M600 Black, M600 14K 1.5mm CI, inked with Noodler's Mary I

One of my plainer Pelikans - the M600 Black is a great workhorse pen. I have had it in my collection for just over 5 years and this is its 13th time in rotation


This is probably the most extravagant custom grind I have. Born out the frustration of Pelikan not producing a factory M600 sized Italic Broad nib, I had John Mottishaw take a BB nib cut the tipping off and weld a piece of iridium wire in its place, and form this 1.5mm cursive italic. So wet and smooth!


Though Noodler's Mary I is a nice pleasant shade of red it is overall a pretty boring ink. Its writing samples exhibit very little shading and zero sheen - if there was any to be had this super broad nib would have brought it out.