Pelikan M600 Vibrant Green Special Edition, M600 14K Fine, inked with Diamine Bach

I do like a green pen, and this one is a favourite. It is a pattern sibling to this year’s Vibrant Orange with both having material with sections of gloss and matte finish.


This nice fine nib is the original one purchased with this pen. This nib and pen combination has not been used together since the first use in 2015.


I seem to be having a run of Diamine Music series inks at the moment. This superb-looking brown ink named for the composer Bach. This ink shades like there are no tomorrow, but this is a common trait of brown coloured inks.


Pelikan M605 Dark Blue, M600 14K Fine, inked with Noodler's La Reine Mauve

Not much to say about this pen - it is a weird shade of blue that is not that dark to my eye. This model also comes in M405 and M805 sizes, both of which I wish to collect at some stage.


This 14K M600 fine might have the letter F engraved on it but in practise it writes like a broad. I don’t really know why the makers of this nib could get it so wrong. It writes well but produces a broad wet line.


Noodler La Reine Mauve is pretty nice waterproof royal purple colour. Like a lot of the early Noodler’s this is a very saturated ink. The broad nib doesn’t do this ink any favours.


Pelikan M620 San Francisco, M600 14K Fine, inked with Rohrer & Klingner Blau Schwarz LE

What can I say? The San Francisco is still my favourite M600 pen and is in the top five of my favourite pens in my collection. Not the brightest of colours but it has a pearl essence that so attractive.


One of my older (two chick) M600 nibs, from back when Pelikan actually made a fine that was close to being fine.


Definitely a blue black, the fine nib probably does help this ink show its best, Some shading present on Tomoe River 52gsm. A classy ink that is still the only numbered limited edition that I own.


Pelikan M620 Place de la Concorde, M600 14K Fine, inked with Diamine Asa Blue

It seems quite appropriate that a pen that represents a square in Paris comes back into use on Bastille Day. The M620 Place de la Concorde has quite subtle banding of light blue, grey and off-white with rhodium trim.


One of my newer M600 14K nibs that is a good writer but is not as fine as some of my older fine nibs.


Diamine Asa Blue is a favourite of mine. It shades delightfully and sheens red on Tomoe River paper. It has been in my collection a longtime and it is sad that I only see it every two and half years these days.


Pelikan M620 Grand Place, M600 14K Fine, inked with J.Herbin Cafe des Iles

After a new addition last post it is back to the old tried and true. The M620 Grand Place is a lovely looking pen with chocolate brown, caramel and blue swirls. 


A quite serviceable 14K fine that came into my collection with the M600 Pink SE pen just over two and half years ago. Not as fine as some but better than some others I have.


Cafe de Iles is french for coffee islands and this shade of brown does remind me of coffee stains. Like all brown inks this one shades very well but no sheen to be seen. I have always found this ink to be dryer than average, and to that end it has previously struggled to perform with some of my Japanese nibs, but there is no such problem from this Pelikan nib.


Pelikan M620 Piccadilly Circus, M600 14K Fine, inked with Franklin-Christoph Loden 553

The Piccadilly Circus is one of more controversial coloured pens in my collection. It took me a while to come around to its red-pink, blue and silver-grey mess of colours. It has been in my collection for over 6 years now.


An older M600 nib - apparent from the two chicks in the brand and therefore a good fine fine. Writes pretty well but is slightly dryer than the norm..


Franklin-Christoph Loden is an interest shade of khaki - almost a racing green colour. Some good shading even from this fine nib but no sheen whatsoever.


Pelikan M620 Stockholm, M600 14K Fine, inked with Robert Oster Signature Peppermint

The M620 Stockholm is one of my many M600 pens. It bears a close resemblance to the Chicago (being more blue than the grey Chicago) and the marbelled pattern is the same as the Berlin and the Madrid. The M600 size is the most comfortable in my hand, though I would love if it was a bit heavier.


This nib is a bit of a mystery. It entered my collection with M620 Place de la Concorde, but being only 14K it is not the original nib for that pen. It has two chicks which makes it an older nib (new nibs only have one chick). It is a fine sized nib but writes like a modern extra fine. 


The last of my 30 Robert Oster inks to be used. I have nothing to say about this bottle that I haven't said before. A good design.


A very slight red sheen on the swab over on the top right corner. An interesting shade.


The fine nib doesn't show this ink to its potential. A slight red sheen and shading in places. A nice green.


Pelikan M600 Pink Special Edition, M600 14K Fine, inked with Montblanc Pink Ink

One of my favourite movies of the '80s was the John Hughes classic Pretty in Pink (I had such a thing for Molly Ringwald).

The latest M600 Special Edition pen from Pelikan is the Pink and it is very, very pretty. This release is certainly aimed at the ladies with the colouring and particularly the corset-like inner packaging, none of this overt targeting phases me as a compulsive, completist collector of Pelikan Special Editions. :)

The Pink sports 24K gold plate trimming and white cap, nib section, and blind cap, it's closest relative in my collection is the M600 Tortoiseshell White Special Edition from a couple of years ago which features the same gold trim and white sections. One difference however is that while the Tortoiseshell barrel is transparent enough to see the ink level the Pink needs to be held to a strong light to see the ink inside. 

Another nice wet 14K two-toned Fine nib to add to my collection.

Interesting inner packaging.

Ignoring my Fountain Pen database's recommendations I identified three options for the ink to use first with this pen. They were Montblanc's Pink Ink, Pilot iroshizuku's kosumosu and Diamine's Flower Series Carnation. I didn't deliberate for very long and in the end it was all about pink so the winner was Pink Ink by Montblanc.

Pelikan M600 Vibrant Green Special Edition, M600 14K Fine, inked with Graf von Faber-Castell Moss Green

The Pelikan M600 Vibrant Green Special Edition is the 40th Pelikan to enter my collection. It is also my 21st M600 sized Pelikan. I had no intention of buying a pen when I walked into Pen and Paper this morning. I was only there to say hello to the staff and check to see if any new Montblanc inks had come in. But when they showed it to me it literally called to me. I have a thing for green pens and this is as green as they come. This is one pen that looks better in real life than it does in images.  

A very wet factory fine nib - just how I like them.

I had to have an ink to match my new pen so I selected the Moss Green shade from Graf von Faber-Castell. I have become a fan of this brand since I purchased their Stone Grey shade of ink last month.