Pelikan M415 Brown Tortoise, M250 14K 0.6mm Stub, inked with Private Reserve Sherwood Green

Classically simple, the M415 Brown Tortoise is a great little pen.


One of my many M250 single tone gold nibs that I bought customised from Richard Binder. The 0.6mm stub is not as sharp as the cursive italic and as such produces less line variation. It is still a superb nib that gives me joy every time I use it.


Private Reserve used to be a significant player in the ink market at the time I started collecting ink near on eight years ago. They have fallen out of favour since as new names have come on the scene, but they still made some great inks. Sherwood Green is one those; it is a deep forest green that shades beautifully and sheens red on Tomoe River paper.


Pelikan M415 Brown Tortoise, M400 14K Fine, inked with Noodler's Green Marine

With less bling than the later M400 Special Edition release, this M415 Brown Tortoise is more traditional in look. This was my first Souveran Pelikan and is still one of my favourites. I could happily use this little pen everyday.


This its the oldest nib in my collection. I bought it with an old West German M400 pen that I no longer use. As I have commented before I dare not try to polish this nib as I fear I might ruin it. It is a very nice writer.


One of last Noodler's inks I purchased the Green Marine gives a nod to the U.S. Marine Corps with their motto Semper Fidelis (always faithfull) on the label.


A nice straight dark green from this fine nib. A bit of shading occurs in places but no sheen is apparent.


Seven in the Hand

Seven Pelikan pens inked up to start my working week.

Left to Right: M800 Black, M800 Grand Place SE, M600 Green o' Green SE, M620 Chicago, M620 Place de la Concorde, M415 Tortoiseshell Brown, M205 Yellow Demonstrator.


Pelikan M415 Brown Tortoise, M250 14K 1.1mm Music, inked with Private Reserve Avacado

This little Brown Tortoise is still a favourite and would be my pick if I was told I could only have one pen to use. It lacks the bling of the gold blind cap ring that the standard M400 have but that doesn't deminish it in my eyes. 


The 1.1mm Music Stub is broad wet stub that has been thinned slightly to allow some flex. The custom grinds I have by Richard Binder are the best nibs that I own and would happily just use them day in day out. I could happily use just four of his nibs (all M250) - this music stub, an EF thinned to be flexible, a 0.7mm Cursive italic and a 0.9mm Cursive Italic.


Private Reserve has fallen out of the limelight in recent years as other manufacturers have become trendy and popular. I own quite a few of them and particularly enjoy them. They come in an easy to fill from squat round bottle.


Yes I know that it not how avocado is spelt, but Private Reserve chose to spell it with an "a" not an "o". A great dark green that shades well from this broad stub.


Pelikan M415 Tortoiseshell Brown, M250 14K Extra Fine Flexible, inked with Bookbinders Snake Ink Blue Racer

This Tortoiseshell Brown pen was one of the first Pelikan pens I added to my collection. It remains one of my favourites. It will be soon joined by another M400 Brown Tortie when the 2016 Special Edition version arrives next month.

One of my several M250 custom grinds by Richard Binder - this an extra fine made to be slightly flexible by removing some of the shoulder of the nib and thinning it on the underside. It is nowhere near old time 'wet noodle' but does give a nice variation to line width.

The last of the second release Bookbinders Snake Inks to come into rotation. I like this bottle design as it is compact and allows even the largest nib to be filled.

Blue Racer is to my mind a pretty standard dark blue - there is nothing wrong with it and the flex of nib gives it and my writing more interest but it still doesn't give me as much excitement as some of the other Bookbinders Snake Inks. 

Pelikan M415 Brown Tortoise, M400 14K Fine, inked with Caran d'Ache Blue Night

The M415 Tortoiseshell Brown was a special edition M400 sold on the US market in 2009, it is made in older M400 style (without a ring at the filling knob). I bought this one second hand from Richard Binder and it arrived two days before Christmas 2010 (it was a great pen Christmas). This pen was my first Pelikan and rates as my favourite small pen. It is little, light, and quite simple in style and goes so well with my selection of M250 single tone Richard Binder custom ground nibs. 

This old, tarnished, single tone 14K nib came with only Pelikan that is not in my current rotation, a pre-1997 Black/Green Striated M400. The pen has a leaky plunger and is on the list to be fixed. The nib while not much to look at writes without fault.

Blue Night is a blue/grey ink that was part of the Caran d'Ache Colours of the Earth series of inks that was discontinued in late 2012. These inks come in very heavy 30ml cubed glass bottle, made to look very nice on the desktop.

This ink is called Blue Night but its really a blue/grey, or is it a grey/blue. It shades very well even from the relatively fine nib. It is not the most exciting colour of ink that I own but does provide a point of difference from the blues, browns and blacks that populate my rotation of late.