Pelikan M205 Demonstrator Special Edition, M400 14K Broad, inked with Noodler's Old Manhattan Blackest Black

My M205 clear demonstrator gets its second time in the rotation. Not much more I can say about this clear acrylic pen other than I haven’t stained it yet.


This little M400 two-toned broad nib has been in my collection for just over six years. It is an OK broad nib without being exciting.


I am not sure if this ink is the blackest black, but it is one of the drier black inks in my collection. It is Eternal which usually makes for a dry ink. I am not a huge fan of black inks as I find them on the whole quite boring.


Pelikan M405 Stresemann Anthracite , M400 14K Broad, inked with Noodler's Blue Upon the Plains of Abraham

If the pen in my previous post was the classic Pelikan this model the Stresemann Anthracite is fast becoming the new classic. So far released in M400 & M800 size (with a rumour of a M1000 version late in 2018), this grey and black with silver trim design is so unstated but classy. As I have previous mentioned the M400 model is the perfect size for a  shirt pocket pen.


This is one broad, wet M400 14K Broad nib. It lacks the stubbiness of some my older broads but is perfectly smooth.


It is the second time up for this Canadian themed model. This is a great shading blue-black that has a hint of red sheen in the wet areas. It is a Bulletproof ink so is resistant to water and certain chemicals. An interesting ink with a very detailed label.


Pelikan M200 Blue Marbled, M400 14K Broad, inked with Noodler's American Eel Cactus Fruit

The return of one of my two M200 series pens, the Blue Marbled is M400 sized so it is light and pocketable. This pen and its Yellow Demonstrator sibling has the lowest ink rating in my collection so are usable with all but the Baystate inks.


The stubby broad that original entered my collection with the pen I inked yesterday. It is an average performing nib - one day I might get it ground to something more interesting.


Another of Noodler's American Eel lubricated inks. I am not certain if they really do anything much.


A vibrant magenta that shades slightly from this broad nib. It certainly stands out on the page. I might use it to markup documents at the office tomorrow.


Pelikan M400 Black/Green Striated, M400 14K Broad, inked with Noodler's Saguaro Wine

Whilst the M600 size is my favourite, not far behind is the M400. I like the smaller size as it sits way better in the top pocket of my shirt (I am a long sleeved, collared, button up shirt guy at the office). The black/green striated colouring is to my mind the definitive pattern that screams Pelikan to me.


This nib is too wet. It came from the factory that way and while so far the inks I have used with it have been dry enough to not gust one day I will not be so lucky. It is far easier to widen the tines than to compress them so I may need to get this nib some professional help.

The standard bottle with the glorious label art that makes Noodler's so compelling to collect. Every ink is a history lesson, no less so this one which gave me an insight into cactuses, fake western movie scenery and wine from fruit.

This ink is so vibrant on the Tomoe River paper, helped no doubt by this very wet broad nib. This ink exhibits some slight shading but no sheen. This ink for me will be just used to doodle, the nib is just too broad for Bullet Journalling in my Travellers notebook.

Pelikan M620 Madrid, M400 14K Broad, inked with Bookbinders Snake Ink Red-Belly Black

Yet another of my City series Pelikans makes its way back into rotation. Madrid features a marble effect pattern in red with black highlights and flashes of silver. Three other City series pens (Berlin, Stockholm and Chicago) also feature a similar marble effect pattern.

One feature of Pelikan pens is their nibs are very easy to swap, some even in this case can be swapped between models. This is a M400 sized nib in broad, it is very wet, too wet maybe and very stubby. 

Red-Belly Black is the last of my five Bookbinders Snake Inks to enter my rotation. 

Yes - I have had a very close encounter with said namesake snake. In my youth I lived in a semi-rural area that had paddocks with beef cattle. The paddocks were fenced with barbed wire but had a track through the pastures as a shortcut to the main road with my school and shops. The farmer had wrapped the wire so it was easier for people to step from one paddock to another. The constant traffic flow caused a depression to form in the earth on both sides of the step over. One afternoon as I was making my way home from school across these paddocks and as I was about to step over barbed wire I noticed something in the depression on the far side. Yep it was a large Red-Belly Black snake curled up. Consequently I took the long way home and to this day am always vigilant to check where I am going to place my feet in the bush. 

A very black black, from this wet broad nib. It is a black so no shading. I would like to see this up against some of my other really black inks such as Noodler's Heart of Darkness or Diamine Jet Black. A shootout for another day.