Pelikan M320 Pearl Special Edition, M300 14K Medium, inked with Kyo No Oto No.07 hisoku

The M320 Pearl Special Edition was the last M300 pen to be released. The image doesn’t show it, but the material has alternate gloss and matt sections around the barrel. It is the least favourite of the M300 pens I own. It was very much targeted to the female buyer coming in a heart-shaped box.


A medium width nib, no matter what size is never super exciting. This M300 one is no exception.


Kyo No Oto inks are very traditionally Japanese in the range of colours that they offer. This grey-green called hisoku (literally: secret colour) is an ode to the celadon colour of pottery that was popular in classic period Japan. This ink shades pretty well and the tone is so different from many of my other inks. Do I like it? - maybe, the jury is still out.


Pelikan M320 Pearl Special Edition, M300 14K Medium, inked with Rohrer & Klingner Morinda

My little M320 Pearl Special Edition returns to use. I am a fan of the little M300 model which these days is pretty much neglected by Pelikan. This pen was actually the last new release in that size some seven years ago.


This standard medium nib is the one that came with this pen, they have been apart for 18 months now.


I seem to be having quite a few red inks coming through my rotation of late and this is the standard red from Rohrer & Klingner. I wasn’t able to find out if Morinda actually means anything. It exhibits some shading but otherwise is unremarkable.


Pelikan M320 Pearl Special Edition, M300 14K Broad, inked with Noodler's La Couleur Royale

The M320 Pearl Special Edition is a fairly recent addition to my collection only being in my possession for 13 months. This pen was released on the market in 2011 and is the only one of the M320 pens where the blind cap is not black.


A broad nib in such a small pen does not make a lot of sense but this nib works perfectly, you just have to write slightly larger.


Noodler's La Couleur Royale is one of my earlier inks having been in my collection since March 2011. It is a pretty straight up and down royal purple with a nice amount of shading from this broad nib. There was no sheen to be seen on this 52gsm Tomoe River sample.