Pelikan M320 Orange Marbled, M300 14K Extra Fine, inked with Caran d'Ache Blue Night

I was slightly disappointed that this pen and the newly released M600 Vibrant Orange were not more similar. The material on this little M320 leans to the yellow end of orange. It is such a sunny, bright little pen.


This little M300 14K Extra Fine nib is only on its second use after arriving in my collection with the M320 Jade Green. It is from a time when Pelikan still knew how to make nibs that produced a fine line.


Caran d”ache Blue Night with an ink identifier of 012 signifying the twelfth ink into my collection; this ink is old and no longer available in retail. It has been in my possession since the 25th October 2010 making it over eight years old. I bought this ink from Melpens in Malaysia who was a favourite vendor of mine in the early days of my collecting. The ink itself is a midnight blue ink that shades pretty well.


Pelikan M320 Orange Marbled, M300 14K Broad, inked with Noodler's Violet

This little M320 in orange marbled finish is one of the sunniest pens that I own. I would love to see this material in one of Pelikan's larger models.


A broad nib in Pelikan's smallest nib seems weird but it is a great little nib. 


Noodler's standard (not waterproof, forge-proof, or anything else-proof) inks are great inks to use (and IMHO quite safe in most pens). This one called Violet but I classify as purple is a good shading ink from this broad little nib. 


Pelikan M320 Orange Marbled, M300 14K Medium, inked with De Atramentis Riesling

Well Pelikan number 48 has joined the flock. I have been chasing this little pen for a number of years waiting for one that was simply expensive, not obscene. The orange marbled colouring is pretty special.

Nice wet 14K Medium nib that writes OK now once I cleaned the dried black ink out of it. Getting a dirty nib is one of the bugbears of buying secondhand off eBay. 

De Atramentis Riesling is scented and made from riesling wine - though the smell of it is too close to what you experience smelling a wine glass the next morning after a big night for my liking.

A sort of sepia brown riesling colour. Does shade slightly but overall a pretty average shade.