Pelikan M300 Black/Green Striated, M300 14K Fine, inked with Noodler's Dragon's Napalm

The smallest of the Souverän range, and now discontinued the M300 is small but still a capable pen. I use mine posted to get the extra length to fit my hand.


The discoloured pelican bugs me but not enough to attempt to clean it. This nib is the original one that accompanied this pen and seems to make a habit of staying with this pen. I have purchased another M300 nib to have more nibs than pens to break up this pattern.


This ink scans a shade darker than it is on the page. Dragon’s Napalm (what a great name) is a vibrant orange ink that has little shading and no sheen.


Pelikan M300 Black, M300 14K Fine, inked with Noodler's Qin Shi Huang

My littlest workhorse pen. The M300 in Black with gold trim is not the most exciting pen in my collection but does the job. For a tiny pen, it holds a decent amount of ink.


Just like the pen, this little nib is not the most exciting, but it does the job.


Noodler's Qin Shi Huang, named after the first emporer of China is supposed to be the colour terracotta and represent the 'chops' or official stamp to sign documents. The colour, however, is more of a pinkish-red, very similar to Shah's Rose. It is a very saturated ink and shows minimal shading or no sheen.


Pelikan M320 Ruby Red, M300 14K Fine, inked with Noodler's Brexit Royal Blue/Purple

The M320 Ruby Red is such a cute little pen. I have to use this size posted but otherwise it is a comfortable pocket pen.


The M300 nibs might be small but they still are high quality. This fine is one of the sweetest writers I own.


Supposedly this ink is to represent the UK breaking away from the EU much in the way the US broke away from the UK back in the day. I must admit this ink is not one of my favourites. I find it a pretty uninspiring shade of ink.


Pelikan M300 Black/Green Striated, M300 14K Fine, inked with Pelikan Edelstein Mandarin

The smallest model Pelikan, the M300 is purely a pocket pen and I can only use it for any length of time if I post the cap.


A great little writer this fine nib is marred by a discolouration of the nib. It doesn't affect the performance so I don't try to fix it.


I picked up this ink secondhand from a member of my local pen group who was disappointed in the lack shading. It does shade but not all that much other than that is a good citrus orange. On a side note I think this is an outlier in the Edelstein range as I believe unlike all the others it is not named for a precious stone but for the citrus fruit.


Pelikan M300 Black/Green Striated, M300 14K Fine, inked with Noodler's Polar Brown

Being the smallest of the Pelikan fountain pens the M300 is very much a pocket pen. I can only use this size for any extended time if I post the cap. 


Though they are small, M300 nibs are still of high quality. This one had a hard life before I acquired it and this shows in the discolouration of the gold pelikan logo area. I have tried to polish it up but without much sucess.


Yep a Noodler's bottle - I have 104 of them.


Polar Brown - supposedly resists freezing. I live in a sub-tropical climate so short of spending some time in an industrial freezer I can't test the claim. It is bulletproof and a nice shading brown. Almost a dead ringer for the straight Noodler's Brown. I like a good brown ink.


Pelikan M300 Black/Green Striated, M300 14K Fine, inked with Rohrer & Klingner Helianthus

Another one of my cute little M300 series Pelikans returns to rotation, on this occasion it is the Black/Green Striated version. These pens are quite tiny and are perfect for Midori Traveller journal use.

The gold on this Fine nib is slightly discoloured, it has alway been this way since I bought it second hand. I have thought about trying to polish it up but haven't done anything about it as yet. The nib writes perfectly well so its a case of not trying to fix something that is not broken.

Yes still working my way through the eleven Rohrer and Klingner inks. Same cute little round bottle with the label bearing the colour of the ink.

I will say that this ink scans darker than it is. I had several attempts to produce a realistic colour and the sample below is the best I could do. The inks name Helianthus is the genus name and latin for Sunflower and this ink produces a good sunflower yellow coloured line. Am not certain what I will use it for, maybe journalling, as you can't help but write happy thoughts with this sunny ink.

Pelikan M300 Black, M300 14K Fine, inked with Diamine Teal

The M300 is the smallest pen made by Pelikan and the smallest pen I own. The Black/Gold is a perfect scale model of its larger cousins. The M300 size is the only one I would consider posting regularly.

Tiny but writes very well, these little nibs screw in very snugly into the barrel.

This ink comes in the standard no frills Diamine bottle, one generic label and the ink colour printed on a label affixed to the cap.

This fine nib doesn't really let this teal ink shine. A blue/green leaning towards the green Teal is a very nice colour for day to day use.