Pelikan M320 Ruby Red, M300 14K Broad, inked with Bookbinders Snake Ink Ground Rattler

The cuteness continues with my Ruby Red M320 making its sixteenth appearance in my rotation. Like its M600 big brother, this pen has a lovely ruby red marbled pattern in the material, some people dislike the black blind cap and grip, but I like the contrast.


I have been collecting spare M300 nibs of late. This broad came from Cult Pens in the UK who have a few M300 nibs still in stock. It feels a bit weird to have such a wide nib on a tiny pen, but you soon forget about it once you write a few words and marvel at the smoothness.


I don’t remember this ink being so pale, in my notes from its last use I did note that it was a similar shade to iroshizuku kiri-same. It shades well, but all grey inks shade. I hope it is legible on the Clairefontaine paper stock I use at the office.


Pelikan M320 Orange Marbled, M300 14K Broad, inked with Noodler's Violet

This little M320 in orange marbled finish is one of the sunniest pens that I own. I would love to see this material in one of Pelikan's larger models.


A broad nib in Pelikan's smallest nib seems weird but it is a great little nib. 


Noodler's standard (not waterproof, forge-proof, or anything else-proof) inks are great inks to use (and IMHO quite safe in most pens). This one called Violet but I classify as purple is a good shading ink from this broad little nib. 


Pelikan M320 Pearl Special Edition, M300 14K Broad, inked with Noodler's La Couleur Royale

The M320 Pearl Special Edition is a fairly recent addition to my collection only being in my possession for 13 months. This pen was released on the market in 2011 and is the only one of the M320 pens where the blind cap is not black.


A broad nib in such a small pen does not make a lot of sense but this nib works perfectly, you just have to write slightly larger.


Noodler's La Couleur Royale is one of my earlier inks having been in my collection since March 2011. It is a pretty straight up and down royal purple with a nice amount of shading from this broad nib. There was no sheen to be seen on this 52gsm Tomoe River sample.


Pelikan M320 Ruby Red, M300 14K Broad, inked with J.Herbin Bleu Myosotis

This little ruby red Pelikan is just the cutest, a scaled down version of the M600 series pen of same name.  I use this pen with my Passport-sized Midori Traveller as it is of a length that fits snuggly inside the notebook. Un-posted this pen is just usable in my hand, with posted cap they are a good length.

Tiny but not a toy. Pelikan M300 nibs are high quality and this broad is no exception. 

Yes, I seem to be in the middle of a J.Herbin phase at the moment. Another of their standard range inks comes into use. Bleu Myosotis (Forget-Me-Not) flower is a good shade. It looks pretty good from the broad nib of the Pelikan.