Pelikan M400 Tortoiseshell Brown Special Edition, M250 14K 1.1mm Music, inked with Rohrer & Klingner Leipziger Schwarz

Yes this pen is back in use only 44 days after its last time. My new pen, nib & ink selection method continues to throw up quirks. I don’t mind as I love this little tortoiseshell brown pen.


This broad stub nib has to be one of my favourites. A Richard Binder creation, taking a BB nib, grinding it to a stub, thinning the tines slightly to give some spring, and setting it to be a very wet writer. I never get tired of just forming letters with this nib.


This Rohrer & Klingner ink is interesting. Supposedly a black ink, it to my mind is not quite a true black. As you can see from the writing samples below it has almost a greenish look to shaded sections. It maybe just a function of the very broad wet nib but it does give this ink a point of difference.


Pelikan M200 Blue Marbled, M250 14K 1.1mm Music, inked with J.Herbin 1670 Edition Anniversaire Emeraude de Chivor

The M200 in Blue Marbled is one of early Pelikan purchases being in my collection some seven years and four months. The Blue Marbled is one of only two  pens in my collection (M205 Yellow Demo being the other) that I choose to use with the J.Herbin 1670 sparkily inks.


The M250 14K 1.1mm Music nib arrived in my possession the very same day as the M200 pen above. Used today for the 20th time today it is a grind from a BB by Richard Binder - setup to write very wet with the nib thinned slightly to give just a touch of flex. It is a lovely nib to just doodle with. 


The scan of the writing sample below doesn't do this ink justice. In real life it is a beautiful emerald colour with red sheen outlines, lovely shading, and a gold fleck overlay. This ink is the best sparkily ink I own no question.


Pelikan M415 Brown Tortoise, M250 14K 1.1mm Music, inked with Private Reserve Avacado

This little Brown Tortoise is still a favourite and would be my pick if I was told I could only have one pen to use. It lacks the bling of the gold blind cap ring that the standard M400 have but that doesn't deminish it in my eyes. 


The 1.1mm Music Stub is broad wet stub that has been thinned slightly to allow some flex. The custom grinds I have by Richard Binder are the best nibs that I own and would happily just use them day in day out. I could happily use just four of his nibs (all M250) - this music stub, an EF thinned to be flexible, a 0.7mm Cursive italic and a 0.9mm Cursive Italic.


Private Reserve has fallen out of the limelight in recent years as other manufacturers have become trendy and popular. I own quite a few of them and particularly enjoy them. They come in an easy to fill from squat round bottle.


Yes I know that it not how avocado is spelt, but Private Reserve chose to spell it with an "a" not an "o". A great dark green that shades well from this broad stub.


Pelikan M620 Berlin, M250 14K 1.1mm Music, inked with Montblanc William Shakespeare Velvet Red

Not much to say about this pen - such a pretty green.

One of my many Richard Binder grinds - a M250 14K double broad ground to a 1.1mm italic and skimmed slightly on the underside to add a small amount of flex, then set to a very wet flow. 

The latest of the Montblanc Writers Series inks. I always buy two bottles - one for the collection, one to sell in a few years to fund my retirement.

A interesting shade of red - not quite blood but getting there. A bit of shading from this broad italic. It should be fun to use to mark up documents at the office.

Pelikan M400 Black/Green Striated, M250 14K 1.1mm Music, inked with Louis Vuitton brun tenebreux

The first of the very expensive Louis Vuitton inks I bought in Honolulu comes into use. The brun tenebreux is a very nice earthy brown and goes onto the page well most likely due to the excellent Richard Binder music stub grind. 1.1mm in width with slight flex this nib is favourite of mine.