Pelikan M205 Star Ruby, M400 14K 0.9mm CI, inked with Pelikan Edelstein Star Ruby (Ink of Year 2019)

It has been almost nine months since I posted anything here. I have been slack, content with just putting images up on my instagram account. But the Pelikan Hubs and the arrival of my latest pen have inspired me to write a few words.

The M205 Star Ruby is the namesake accompaniment to Edelstein Star Ruby, the 2019 Ink of the Year. It is a transparent red pen with silver trim. But in a deviation from all past M205s and as an ode to the “star” in Star Ruby it has sparkles in its material. Not just a few but lots. They are not apparent in my Lightbox image below but scroll down to see the image I took with the pen in direct sunlight - so many sparkles. I must admit that I am not 100% onboard with sparkles in a Pelikan pen - it seems so not Pelikan.

I expect this model will sell well based on the reaction it received when I showed it to people at the Brisbane Pelikan Hubs. It seems to appeal to ladies, with more than one making the comment that the material will match well one of their sparkly red nail polishes!!


I am still waiting for the nib I ordered with this pen - a M405 Medium. (I don’t use steel nibs). This nib says B for broad but is a custom grind by Max Schumacher to a 0.9mm cursive italic.


The 2019 Edelstein Ink of the year Star Ruby.


It is a vibrant red with just a touch of fuchsia in the undertone. I have heard reports of it staining M605 White Transparent barrels - which is not a good sign from a manufacturer of expensive clear demonstrators.