Pelikan M120 Green-Black Special Edition, M101N 14K Fine, inked with Rohrer & Klingner Verdigris

As one school goes out of rotation my other one comes in. The M120 Green-Black doesn’t have the same presence as the Iconic Blue, but is a serviceable pen nevertheless. 


The image of the olde style M101N nib doesn’t do it justice. I think it is my fingerprints reacting with the light box lighting make this nib seem tarnished - it is not, it is a mirror image gold nib. This nib writes with a decently fine line and lovely to use.


Verdigris means green grey, but this ink looks like what I would call a steel blue. Don’t get me wrong I like the colour of this ink very much. This ink shades well, and is very suited to the office. I will enjoy using it this week as I wade through another five days of earning the money to buy yet more pens and ink. 


Pelikan M101N Bright Red Special Edition, M101N 14K Fine, inked with Pilot iroshizuku kosumosu

The newest of my four M101N pens, the Bright Red, makes its sixth appearance in my rotation. I hear rumours of a new M101N edition to be released in early 2019 - hopefully it will not feature red anywhere on it...


On a whim I bought this nib as a spare to complete my set of single tone gold M101N nibs. It writes with a fine line and is not as wet as some of my other Pelikan fine nibs.


Surprisingly enough I love pink coloured ink. Pink like much like orange generally shades extremely well and this ink from Pilot is no exception, giving the full gambit from pale rose to a dark candy pink. It is so pretty. :)