Pelikan M1000 Black/Green Striated, M1000 18K Broad, inked with Noodler's Sequoia Green

My only M1000 sized pen makes its way back into my rotation. It will joined next month (Edit: released September 2019) by a M1005 Stresemann. In true the M1000 size is too big for my hand but I love the look of these large pens..


The M1000 sized nib is lovely soft springy writing instrument. This particular broad nib is so wet that it is almost too wet. 


Yes this ink is green - a very dark green, though it could pass for a black ink if you didn’t look closely. Some small amount of shading and nothing in the way of sheen makes this ink rather mundane in my opinion. It would show better from a more interesting nib.  


Pelikan M1000 Black/Green Striated, M1000 18K Broad, inked with De Atramentis Singapore

The biggest bird makes it way back in rotation. This Black/Green Striated model is the only M1000 I own as this size is too big for me to really enjoy.


Whilst I dislike the M1000 pen I love this M1000 nib - it is soft and wet - that may not sound appealing but in this case it makes for a very enjoyable writing experience. I really wish Pelikan could make their other nib models perform more like this.


This ink was a gift from my local pen shop for Christmas of 2016. I did a bit of research on this ink for this time in use and I found that it was a pen store exclusive for Fook Hing Trading and this was one of two colours available the other being a light sky blue. This blue is so dark and dense. Shading is minimal from this wet broad but a red sheen is visible in places. The swab on this ink sheens red on the edges.


Pelikan M1000 Black/Green Striated, M1000 18K Broad, inked with J.Herbin Rouge Bourgogne

My largest Pelikan is back into rotation. The M1000 is almost too big for my hand and I find it comical to use.

I love the feel of this big, soft, wet Broad nib. I really wish the M800 sized nibs were more like this one.

I like the cute, little J.Herbin bottles but they are too shallow to fill the big M1000 nib, so I have to resort to a syringe to fill the pen with ink.

A very reddish-pink ink that is not at all suitable for the office but I use it there anyway. It does shade quite nicely with this broad nib and is a generally fun ink.