Pelikan M405 Black/Blue Straited, M400 14K Italic Broad, inked with Noodler's Purple Wampum

Blue and silver make a great combination and it does look good on this M405 pen. I am a fan of the smaller Pelikans as they fit in the pocket well and are a great daily carry.


The fattest factory nib available in the M400 size - the IB (italic broad) is a very wet stub that lacks the crispness of custom grind italic. I do wish Pelikan would make an italic medium or an italic fine.


It is often with Noodler's inks I have to look up the background of the name. It was the case with Purple Wampum which is named after the purple beads made by the North American Indian out a purple and white variegated clam shell. This is a very nice dark purple that shades very well from this broad stub.

This colour is the only one of 104 Noodler's inks to come in the dreaded white plastic pill bottle which was used by Noodler's for a period while they were unable to get stock of their glass bottles. I dislike this white bottle so much I am very tempted to replace this one with a glass bottle.