Pelikan M805 Stresemann Anthracite, M800 18K Broad, inked with Noodler's Hunter Green

I think this pen model has to my mind become the new 'classic' look of Pelikan pens. This M805 sized version will have a bigger brother late this year when the M1005 version is released. It does look slightly dour now compared to the M815 Metal Striped. 


My two toned M800 18K Broad nib arrived in my collection with the M805 Black/Blue Striated pen in 2015 and has been used five times since then. It is an OK modern broad nib without any faults, or much to commend it.


Hunter Green is one of earliest "Eternal" inks made by Noodler's. Eternal is their parlance is water resistant, UV resistant, chemical resistant, and forge proof. The ink itself is an average  green with little shading and no sheen. I guess it will useful if I spill my drink on my work journal while using this ink, but I have no real need for all its other security features.


Glass Dip Penned: Six at Random

I am always looking for an excuse to "fiddle" with my Fountain Pen database. This afternoon I was playing around with the random function in Filemaker looking to see if I can add a bit more variety to my pen/nib/ink selection algorithms. In the end I didn't make any change but instead used the code I had created to select random inks from my collection. It was selecting some very interesting inks that I hadn't seen for quite a while. (inks are taking two years between uses at the moment).

So I set the script to select six and these are what resulted. I dragged out my trusty dip pen and scribbled their names on Tomoe River paper. 

I designed my lightbox for only one ink bottle at a time so its a bit cramped for all six.

Noodler's scored three of the six spots, with the shade-rific Apache Sunset, the Eternal/Bulletproof/forge-proof Hunter Green and the very long named Whaleman's Sepia. Montblanc gets one entry with their very nice twilight blue - Blue Hour, Sailor's take on racing green is there with Epinard, and finally Organics Studio's ode to Walt Whitman's famous poem Leaves of green - to say it is a dark green is false in my humble opinion. 

A side effect of the dip pen is that the writing tends to be very wet (dark) at the start, levels out and then tapers off as the ink is used. Sometimes I turn the pen so you will see a darker patch mid-scribble.

Pelikan M800 Black/Gold, M800 18K Italic Broad, inked with Noodler's Hunter Green

This very serious black M800 was last in pen rotation in July 2015. It was featured in one of the first posts when I launched this site. The M800 model features a brass rather than plastic plunger shaft that causes it to be out of proportionally heavier than the M600 and also moves the centre of balance further to the top of the pen. Is this a bad thing no it is just different.

This nib is the only factory italic nib sold by Pelikan in recent years. It is not my favourite italic as it lacks the line variation of my custom grinds. I have thought several times about getting this nib ground down to provide more variation - one day. At the moment it is probably best used as a highlighter.

Yet another little 1oz bottle - so cute. This ink features scene on the label that extends across three of the four sides. I have chosen the take an image of two of those sides below.

Hunter Green has most of Noodler's special features of being bulletproof, eternal, waterproof and forgery proof. Do I care - nope. It is however an interesting enough green from this 1.5mm width stub. Sadly it exhibits no shading to speak of, but otherwise is well behaved.