Pelikan M600 Tortoiseshell White Special Edition, M600 14K 1mm Stub, inked with Noodler's Brooklyn Brawn

The big brother M600 White Tortoise makes its way back into rotation. This size was a Special Edition (in Pelikan-speak, a special edition is a non-numbered limited release edition - usually manufactured for a period of up to 12 months), unlike the M400 version which was part of the standard range. I bough this pen secondhand from the famous Dan Smith - the

A 1mm stub, a custom grind by Mike Masuyama from a Double Broad. This nib is actually the one that came with this pen originally, so this combination of nib and pen are back together after 4 years apart. It is a very nice wet italic - it lacks the line variation that I generally favour but it is so smooth.

An old Art Brown & Sons exclusive, part of a range of three that included Pinstripe Homage and Legal Blue. Brooklyn Brawn is baseball inspired with a catfish with bat and the Brooklyn bridge on the label. This ink has been in my collection since May 2012.

This is has been described as a brown with under-shades of green. I can go with the brown but don't see the green. It shades very well which is a delight.