Pelikan M620 Stockholm, M600 14K 1mm Stub, inked with Montblanc James Purdey & Sons Single Malt

One of my oldest M620 series pens makes its 21st appearance in my pen rotation. The Stockholm is a classic semi-transparent marble effect pen, a style that has four variations within the City Series.


My only Mike Masuyama custom grind nib, it came into my collection by way of Dan Smith now more famous as The Nibsmith. It produces a 1mm wide line and is quite wet - just how I like them.


The now standard 50ml cubed bottles used in most of Montblanc latest limited edition inks. It is a good shape for filling all manner of pens.


James Purdey & Sons is a UK manufacturer of game hunting guns and associated items. This ink, which is scented to smell like single malt whisky, was made complement a limited edition pen. I must say this ink is the best example I have of an alcohol-based scent - it smells exactly like a good single malt whisky. The smell also remains persistent on the page. The colour is brownish orange that is very similar in tone to that of J.Herbin 1798 Cornaline d'Egypte. The ink shades well from this broad stub, but no sheen is evident.


Pelikan M605 Dark Blue, M600 14K 1mm Stub, inked with Rohrer & Klingner Cassia

It's been almost 18 months since I feature this Dark Blue and silver trimmed M605 in a post. I mentioned there that this pen came in M405 and M805 sizes and a really really wanted them. Well I can add two more reallys to those because these have become my new grail pens.


It started life as a double broad (BB) but fell into the hands of Daniel Smith and was turned into a 1mm stub by Mike Masuyama. This is one smooth wet nib, it does not have the line variation of some of my cursive italics but it is a lovely writer nevertheless.


Rohrer & Klingner Cassia is a vibrant violet ink that shades very slightly. I had expected more shading from the broad stub but it just isn't there. A lovely colour though.