Lamy Studio Brushed Stainless, 14K Z50 Fine, inked with Bookbinders Snake Ink Blue Coral

This Brushed Stainless model was the only Lamy Studio to survive the "only the fun ones" cull, the other six will be up for sale at some stage.

Why, given this is one of more boring Studios? Well it was my first Lamy, it has a plastic grip section rather than shiny metal (making it lighter and less slippery), and at a pinch the brushed finish can be used as a nail file.

These 14K gold Z50 nibs are just lovely. A slight amoumt of spring makes the writing experience very satisfying. 

The second of the Bookbinder Snake Inks makes its way into use. I have had no encounters with a Blue Coral snake as it is native to Thailand. :)

A very nice blue, my first though was that it is very close to iroshizuku kon-peki  in shade and a quick dip test confirmed it. Coral Blue is may be very slightly greener but it might just be the artificial light under which I am working.