Lamy Studio Black, 14K Z50 Medium, inked with Private Reserve DC Supershow Blue

Most people's first Lamy is usually the Safari model - not mine, not ever, being a compulsive completist collector there was no way that I was going to subject myself to the pain of wanting to own all the versions available in the model.

I picked the Studio model instead, it does have quite a few versions now and I own most of them. It has a steel body that provides some heft to the pen and it features an interesting propeller shaped clip -  the only negative with this model is that most have a smooth chrome steel nib section that on a warm day can get very slippery. This matt black version is the fourth pen to enter my collection and today makes its 24th time into rotation.

Most Studio pens are sold with the polished stainless steel version of the standard Lamy Z50 nib. Some limited editions come with a two-toned 14K gold version of the nib. The nib into use today came from one of those editions. In general Lamy Z50 nibs are very easy to remove from their sections so I just swap them around my pens. The 14K versions have a softer feel than the Stainless steel version and make for a very smooth writing experience.

An ink released for the DC Pen Show in 2003 as a one off run but it proved so popular that it became a standard colour in later years - I picked up my bottle in November 2010 from a Malaysian vendor. It is the only Private Reserve bottle I have the bears a white lid - I am not certain of the significance of this.

DC Supershow Blue is a straight bright blue, it ranks 2nd only to Noodler's Bay State Blue in brightness. Sometimes you just need a bright blue and this is it.