Pelikan M800 Blue o' Blue Special Edition, M800 18K Medium, inked with Diamine Schubert

I think of the M800 Blue o' Blue Special Edition as coming out of an era of quite modest designs from Pelikan. It is over-shadowed by later more vibrant designs like the aptly named Vibrant Blue and Ocean Swirl.


This old (two chicks) M800 Medium nib entered my collection with the M815 Wall Street Limited Edition. It writes with a slightly finer line than a modern medium nib and is very smooth. I have wondered in the past whether a previous owner had some work done to this nib.


Diamine Schubert is from the Music set of ten inks. It is described as being a sea-blue colour, but I think it as being more of a blue-black in the mould of Waterman's Blue-Black. It does exhibit some subtle shading, but I cannot see any sheen at all.


Pelikan M620 San Francisco, M600 14K Extra Fine, inked with Diamine Schubert

The Pelikan M620 San Francisco is without a doubt the most prized of all my pens. To get this pen I set an eBay max bid that was obscene. Happily I won the auction and got it for a price that to source it today would seem quite reasonable - it was not reasonable in 2012. It still ranks as the most money I have paid for a pen.

This pen is spectacular, it has no vibrant colours but has a combination of earthy tones together with shimmering undertones deep in the material that I have not seen in any other Pelikan. Its cap is semi-transparent as you can from the image.

The nib is a 14K gold extra fine - I bought with my M620 Athens so it is not that pen's original nib as all City Series pens came with an 18K gold nib. Its obscure history aside this is a very good extra fine nib. I like my nibs on the wet side and this one is not exception. It displays a slightly narrower vertical stroke, compared to the horizontal. 

Schubert named after the composer Franz Schubert is one of the Diamine's music set inks from 2012. Its comes in a cute little cubed 30ml bottle. 

Schubert is what I would classify as a blue-black shade. Does it shade? Not from this fine wet nib. Looking back at previous writing samples it did shade from a Richard Binder grind Bexley 0.9mm cusive italic in 2013, but almost everything shades from that nib. :) The only other comment that I found in my notes was that it bares a similarity to iroshizuku syo-ro which is also a blue-black ink.