Pelikan M600 Green o' Green Special Edition, M600 14K 0.7mm CI, inked with Diamine Royal Blue

The Green o’ Green is one of my more modest looking M600 special editions. I do like the marble effect body with gold trim.


I bought this nib with the Green o’ Green almost seven years ago, back in the days when the Australian dollar was strong, and I thought nothing about getting a custom grind put on the nib at purchase. This nib, of course, is a Richard Binder grind and performs beautifully.


Diamine Royal Blue is a nice shade of blue, is it outstanding or special, no. This ink shades slightly with this stub nib, but I cannot see any shading at all.


Pelikan M805 Vibrant Blue Special Edition, M805 18K Fine, inked with Diamine Royal Blue

I own some very pretty Pelikans but the adding of the M805 Vibrant Blue takes the bar to new high. This is one Wow pen. 

This rhodium plated 18K Fine nib is OK, not great, just OK. It has no obvious flaws but I find it uninspiring. I have made a note to reflect on it more when it is next in use in 9 months time.

The standard Diamine bottle - moving right along.

It has been two years since I have used this ink. (Such are the negatives of owning over 300 inks). It was a great colour match to the pen colour being a nice mid-blue, a good journeyman colour without being special.