Waterman Preface Green Marbled, Preface 18K Medium, inked with De Atramentis Steel Blue

Another of my Waterman Preface pens makes it way back into use. This is the Green Marbled version that seems to have only ever been sold in the US. As I have mentioned before it is thin and heavy due to being a brass body.

Another medium nib - well it is the most common size sold with fountain pens. I have expressed my dislike of medium in previous posts.

What not scented! I have bought so many of the scented De Atramentis inks of late that when I came to use this one I automatically smelt the bottle.

A different take on blue. The writing sample doesn't really show it but this ink shades quite well. I like this shade of blue - nice.

Four more De Atramentis takes me to 298 Inks

A visit to the city today provided far too much temptation and I returned home with four more bottles of De Atramentis ink. 

Three are scented: Licorice, Bamboo and Sea Breeze; and the other is Steel Blue.

Sea Breeze is a deep blue (called Atlantik Blue on the label) with the scent of Old Spice aftershave (I kid you not), Bambo is a mid-green with a grassy scent, Licorice seems black but is really a black-green that smells just like Galliano Sambucca, and Steel Blue is a nice mid-blue.

My database is a bit biased against De Atramentis at the moment so I don't expect to be inking these up for at least a couple of pens.