Pelikan M1000 Black/Green Striated, M1000 18K Broad, inked with De Atramentis Singapore

The biggest bird makes it way back in rotation. This Black/Green Striated model is the only M1000 I own as this size is too big for me to really enjoy.


Whilst I dislike the M1000 pen I love this M1000 nib - it is soft and wet - that may not sound appealing but in this case it makes for a very enjoyable writing experience. I really wish Pelikan could make their other nib models perform more like this.


This ink was a gift from my local pen shop for Christmas of 2016. I did a bit of research on this ink for this time in use and I found that it was a pen store exclusive for Fook Hing Trading and this was one of two colours available the other being a light sky blue. This blue is so dark and dense. Shading is minimal from this wet broad but a red sheen is visible in places. The swab on this ink sheens red on the edges.