Pelikan M400 Tortoiseshell White, M250 14K 0.6mm Stub, inked with Bookbinders Snake Ink Emerald Boa

The smaller of my two White Tortoiseshell pens, the M400 is a good size for the pocket. I do love the honey gold tortoise body and and I am over my fear of staining the white grip and cap.


This 0.6mm Stub, custom ground by Richard Binder is probably the least exciting of my Binder nibs. The line variation of the stub is nowhere near as apparent as my italics. However it is a very pleasant and smooth writing nib.


Sadly this lovely light green ink is no longer for sale. It was discontinued several months ago but is possible to get through the second hand market. It is a great shading ink even from this relatively fine stub. I find it a very happy shade of ink that I look forward to using at the office.


Aurora Talentum Black/Chrome, 14K Italic, inked with Bookbinders Snake Ink Emerald Boa

I am a fan of the Italian pen manufacturer Aurora. Sometimes I wish I had discovered it before Pelikan. I think I would have been very happy to collect all that they sell, however it was not to be, so I must be content with the four Aurora Talentums that I have. This Black/Chrome version of the Talentum is very handsome, I particular like the shape of the clip and the way it is attached.

Another great reason to love Aurora is that they make and sell factory stubs and italics, and not super broad italics either, they are both under 1mm. This italic nib is smoother than my Richard Binder grinds but still produces good line variation.

Another of the five Bookbinders Snake Inks that recently came into my collection. The Emerald Tree Boa snake is a native of South America, but is a dead ringer for the Green Tree Python which I have seen several times in my neighbourhood. The name of this ink is very apt to the colour of these snakes.

A lime green that shades very well from this italic nib. The colour is a probably a bit light for the office but it is certainly very interesting. For some reason looking at this ink makes me want to have a Japanese Slipper cocktail (1/3 Midori, 1/3 Cointreau, 1/3 lemon juice shaken with ice).

Bookbinders Online Snake Ink

I can't resist a bottle of ink or five, especially when the vendor is from the same city as myself.

The inks were delivered in 24 hours, very well packed in a box with tissue paper. Each ink bottle arrived in a hessian drawstring bag - very novel. My wife quickly grabbed the bags and I daresay she will find an inventive reuse for them.

Cute little 30ml glass bottles


Writing sample using my glass dip pen.

The Everglades Ratsnake scans slightly darker than the shade on the page, the others are quite close.

Initial thoughts:

These look like pretty good inks, they all shade except for the black (black inks rarely shade). They cost AUD$14.90 each for a 30ml bottle - not the cheapest but a fair price.

I think these are a good first release - I would be hoping that we see a few more colours in the future - there must be dark green or burgundy snake out there somewhere.