Bexley Americana Yellowstone, 18K Stub, inked with Noodler's Coral Sea

I often get obsessed with a model of fountain pen and must have all versions of it, the Bexley Americana is one such model. I own all but one version, the very rare European Black (Isn't it always the way). The version into rotation today is called Yellowstone - I have yet to visit Yellowstone Park so I don't know if the name refers to it or it is just a play on words with this resin colour. To me it should have been called citrus as it reminds me of the peel of oranges and lemons. With its faceted barrel, colouring and gold trim it is a pretty pen.  

This is a great nib! 18K gold and long in length it feels springy when used and the tip leans cursive so you have good line variation. 

Noodler's Coral Sea was the seventh overall and the first Noodler's to enter my collection it is a bulletproof Australian exclusive. It's label features an image of aircraft at The Battle of the Coral Sea. This superb label art was the driving force behind me going on to collect another 87 bottle of Noodler's ink.  

A Blue-Black shade, with some shading from this broad italic. I had forgotten that I owned this ink as it was last used in November 2013 - 690 days to be exact! - I have too many inks. The degree of line variation can be seen in the crosshatch at the bottom of the scan.