Bexley Americana Sanibel Blue, S/S Medium, inked with J.Herbin 1670 Edition Anniversaire Bleu Ocean

It has been seven months since this lovely blue marbled version of the Americana has been inked up. I always look forward to one of my Bexley pens returning to use..

Steel nibs are looked down upon in some circles but in real terms they write just as well as gold ones. This medium nib is no exception. It is stiffer than the 18K version of this nib but is still a very good writer.

This ink is the second release of a J.Herbin 1670 Anniversary ink, my bottle is an orginal release before gold dust was added.

This ink is called Bleu Ocean (Ocean Blue). In my opinion it is a pretty standard mid-blue without being all that exciting. I expect the shimmering version would be more spectacular.