Aurora Talentum Red/Chrome, 14K Medium, inked with Louis Vuitton bleu reveur

I like Italian pens. Italian brands dominate my wants list. I only own five, four Auroras and a Stipula.

The Talentum is a cartridge converter pen which sits midway up the Aurora range. This model in Red with Chrome trim is particularly handsome. 

The nib is 14K Gold nib plated with Rhodium trim. It is labelled a medium but runs slightly finer and like most of my factory Aurora nibs it has a slight tooth. 

A very classy bottle, very minimal in looks but not in price. Saying that it was the cheapest thing in the Louis Vuitton boutique is not much comfort.

Its turns out that this ink is pretty good - I didn't know what to expect as reviews for this ink are pretty sparse. It is an interesting dark blue that shades somewhat. I will have try it in a broad nib at some stage.