Aurora Talentum Black Rubberized, 14K 0.7mm CI, inked with De Atramentis Licorice

Another of my four Aurora Talentum makes it's way into rotation. This pen has an interesting coating; it is basically non-slip rubber. It gives a matt finish to the pen which goes very well with the chrome finish.

This nib started life as a medium but was custom ground by Richard Binder to a 0.7mm cursive italic. The 0.7mm width suits my handwriting size very well and cursive italic grind produces great line variation.

I love licorice and I love Galliano Sambucca. This ink's scent is so much like these. I find myself opening this bottle regularly to smell the ink.

This ink is an interesting shade - I would say it is not a true black but nor a dark grey - It is pretty much liquorice coloured!