Pelikan M120 Green-Black Special Edition, M101N 14K Fine, inked with Rohrer & Klingner Verdigris

As one school goes out of rotation my other one comes in. The M120 Green-Black doesn’t have the same presence as the Iconic Blue, but is a serviceable pen nevertheless. 


The image of the olde style M101N nib doesn’t do it justice. I think it is my fingerprints reacting with the light box lighting make this nib seem tarnished - it is not, it is a mirror image gold nib. This nib writes with a decently fine line and lovely to use.


Verdigris means green grey, but this ink looks like what I would call a steel blue. Don’t get me wrong I like the colour of this ink very much. This ink shades well, and is very suited to the office. I will enjoy using it this week as I wade through another five days of earning the money to buy yet more pens and ink.