Pelikan M620 Chicago, M625 18K Medium, inked with Noodler's Q'Ternity

Is Chicago a grey city? I have never been there so I don’t have first hand experience. The pen that bears it’s name is grey, and silver and black in a marble effect. I like the look of this pen, but I have heard people comment that this pen is at best stately. Pelikans tend to err on the conservative side so they shouldn’t be surprised. 


My only 18K full rhodium trim M600 nib, it is a medium and is only an ok medium nib at that. Not much more I can say about it.  


Noodler’s Q’Ternity was yet another dig at the US Federal Reserve’s Quantitative Easing (QE). As a piece of political commentary it is fine, as an ink it is ordinary. It suffers from the common trait of Noodler’s Archival inks of being feathery. It especially seems to not work well with Tomoe River paper. Colour wise it is an OK blue-black.