Pelikan M405 Stresemann Anthracite , M405 14K Extra Fine, inked with Akkerman China Town Red #21

The grey and black stripes of the M405 Streseman Anthracite has become such a classy, classic look in such a short time. I can't wait to get the big M1005 version later this year and surely a M605 will be produced in the near feature. I hope against hope that they will one day do a M300 sized one just so I can have all the sizes.


This nib is weird for a modern Pelikan nib as it is actually fine - bordering on Japanese fine. This nib was purchased with this pen and it is the first time in 14 months that they have been together.


China Town Red lives up to its name as it is VERY RED. No shading or sheen from this extra fine nib but I look forward to turning my work journal pages red with this ink.