Pelikan M400 Tortoiseshell White, M250 14K Extra Fine Flexible, inked with Diamine Denim

My little white tortoise is back in use after an absence only 79 days. The honey gold tortoiseshell barrel goes very well with the white cap and gold furniture.


Due to the quirks of my new pen, nib and ink selection process this nib is back in use after only 30 days. It is a great little springy nib that I don’t push too hard these days. To replace it would mean a plenty expensive bill.


I swabbed Diamine Denim anew today on my standard ink test paper (Tomoe River 52gsm) as the last swab was done on Rhodia paper some three years ago. I was a bit surprised to see no sheening as pretty much all my dark blue inks from Diamine sheen.


Yep this ink colour is a pretty good match for the dark blue of new denim jeans. Some shading from this springy ink but no sheen.