Pelikan M805 Ocean Swirl Special Edition, M805 18K Fine, inked with Montblanc Heritage Spider Metamorphosis Web Grey

Only two pens ago I made comment that the M805 Ocean Swirl is possibly my new favourite and now it is back in use.


I was hoping for a broader nib for the first time out of the Web Grey but I go by what the database tells me so it is a fine nib. This full rhodium plated 18K gold fine came into my collection with my Vibrant Blue pen and it is a decent nib.


Heritage Spider Metamorphosis Web Grey to give it its full name is a very light grey ink (at least from this fine nib). It reminds me a lot of kiri-same from the Pilot iroshizuku range. I intend to use it across a range of papers over the next 14 days but at the moment it is not doing much for me.