Pelikan M620 Athens, M600 14K Medium, inked with Montblanc Swan Illusion Plume

One of prettiest M620 pens comes back into use. I love the blue and yellow-green bands of colour on the Athens. The cap and barrel colours never line up - The lack of symmetry irks me greatly.


A nice old 14K medium nib that writes well and never gives trouble.


Swan Illusion Plume is a weird name for an ink. But a quick google explained it all. This ink is from the "Patron of the Arts" series and is dedicated the Ludwig II, who was known of the Swan King. His early life is said to inspire the ballet Swan Lake. The colour of ink is inspired by the colour of swam plumage.


The label on the bottom of the bottle of this ink describes the colour as taupe. What colour is taupe? Greyish brown or brownish grey, or something like that?  I didn't expect to like this colour but I actually do, it is so different to almost any other colour of ink that I own. It shades nicely and gives a very nice "watercolour" look. I reckon it is more of a light taupe...