Pelikan M815 Metal Striped Special Edition, M805 18K Medium, inked with Montegrappa Black

Pelikan number 65 made its way into my collection yesterday. Formally called the M815 Metal Striped Special Edition, this pen is an interesting beast. I say beast because it is heavy. I weighed it on my digital kitchen scales and it comes in at 37 grams capped, as a reference my M805 Stresemann weighs just 30 grams. All the extra weight is in the body as the cap is identical to a normal M800 one. Why? Well those stripes are inlayed, with palladium plated brass. Notably all the other 'furniture' on this pen is also palladium plated. In the hand the extra weigh is not a drawback but rather an advantage as it makes the pen feel more solid and correct. I really like the way Pelikan has gone with the design of this pen.


This pen comes standard with a full rhodium plated 18K gold nib. I chose to get a medium width not because I particularly like the size but it was the only size left for me to get to complete my set of all available sizes in M805 rhodium plated. Whilst I am not a fan of medium this is a very good nib, smooth, wet, but with not an overly wide line. This an enjoyable nib straight out of the box.


I felt I only had the choice of a black or grey for the ink colour to suit this pen. In the end I chose Montegrappa Black. There is not much I can say about this ink other than it is a nice workmanlike black. 


The M805 Stresemann and the M815 Metal Striped SE.