Pelikan M205 Demonstrator Special Edition, M405 14K Fine, inked with Noodler's Air-Corp Blue-Black

The Pelikan M205 Classic Demonstrator Special Edition made its way into my collection yesterday. This is pen number 61 for me and the fourth M2XX pen. I bought this pen to allow me to use inks in a clear demonstrator that I dare not use in my M805 version. This pens runs at about ¼ of the cost of a M805 so if it gets stained I will not care as much.


This pen comes standard with a steel nib but I don't use steel nibs so I bought a M405 14K gold rhodium plated fine nib to complete the package. It did bump the cost up somewhat but it is a good nib out of the box. I have only to get medium version to complete the set of M405 nib sizes.


I bought this pen partly to use with 103 out of my 104 Noodler's inks (Baystate Blue is not a clear demo ink) I don't dare put in my M805 Clear Demo. True to my word the first ink is a Noodler's. Air-Corp Blue-Black is one of my favourite Noodler's inks. It is not blue-black but a lovely black-green which does shade well but not today from this fine nib.