Pelikan M800 Black/Red Striated, M800 18K Fine, inked with De Atramentis Strawberry

I am all matchy, matchy today. Red pen, red ink. The pen is a M800 Black/Red Striated, one of the standard line that is/was available in M400, M600 and M800 sizes. I only have the M800 size but I really should seek out the other sizes this is a good looking pen.


This nib says F for Fine but to be honest it writes with a Broad sized line. I can't see anything wrong with the nib other than I think it has too much tipping. I bought it on my M800 Grand Place and was warned by the previous owner about it. I writes well but not like it says on the nib.


De Atramentis Strawberry (or Strawbwerry as the label typo says) is a nice bright red with no shading or sheen. I smells (even on the page) just like strawberry favoured sauce.